Here are a few productivity applications I developed recently in my spare time after work. Some of them are open source and distributed under GNU Public License and some of them are free Web and desktop applications based on Adobe Flex™ and AIR™ technology.

Vitrail is a free software application for fast preview of PDF™ files on Mac™ and MS Windows™. It is designed to save time on previewing a large collection of PDF™ files by simply selecting them in the file list. The application is posted on

BreakReminder - This is a small program that I created to remind me of taking breaks while I am sitting at the computer. I found it useful. This program is distributed under GNU Public License.


Sequoia Personal Information Manager - This is a software application that allows users storing personal information such as user names and passwords in an encrypted form. This program is diistributed under GNU Public License.

  Software Stopwatch - A simple online software stopwatch.
  Online Regular Expressions Test - A quick and easy tool to test  regular expressions online. It is build with Adobe Flex.

  Source Code to String Encoder - A free online tool that is designed for software developers. It wraps a source code into a string and adds the backslash symbol (\) before ",', and / symbols. The encoded string could be added to Java or ActionScript code. It is quite useful in developing unit tests where input data is in XML format or any other soruce code that needs to be represented as a string. To use it, paste a source code to the window below and click on Encode button or select Encoded tab for results preview.

  XML Formatter  - A small utility that is useful in converting an XML document to a pretty-print format. I developed it with Adobe Flex.