November 3 & 4 2018- Mayday Underground Information


Mayday Underground Crafts + Art will be held Saturday and Sunday November 3rd and 4th, 2018 at the Village Gate Atrium. The show hours are from 10am to 4pm both days. The space where the show will be held is on the second floor of the Village Gate in the area called the Atrium.  Please review our past event photos or go see the space for yourself.  It is an eclectic space which is a great fit for the show but it does present some unique challenges, particularly lighting.


We are offering two booth sizes for this show, 6x6 feet and 8x8 feet.  6 foot spaces are $100 and 8 foot spaces are $130. Electricity will be available upon request.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests for electricity and wall spaces, which we will collect on your application.  You may request the same space if you have previously vended but as the layout fluctuates seasonally, we may or may not have the exact space available.

Tables and chairs will NOT be available for rent. You must bring all materials necessary to set up your booth.

Please note that prior acceptance to the Mayday Underground show does not guarantee acceptance to future shows. We typically receive at least 175 applications for around 80 spaces, and we try to feature new vendors at every show.  

You are allowed to share booths HOWEVER each artist has to apply separately and inform us of booth sharing requests in the comments section of the application so that we can plan accordingly. Please also note that the person you wish to share a booth with might not be accepted. This is a rare case and will be dealt with accordingly.

You must be ready to sell at 10. The building will be open for you to set up at 8am Saturday morning.  We MAY be able to set up Friday but the venue will not confirm that for us until the Monday before our event.  Do not leave valuables Friday night since there is no door that can be locked to separate the space from the rest of the building. We WILL have an overnight security guard Saturday to watch the booths but you should still not leave anything valuable overnight.  

Application Timeline

Applications will be accepted until JULY 6th
You will receive an email with acceptance, waitlist, or denial by July 21st
Booth payment is due by August 7th.
Last day to drop out and get your fee refunded is September 30th.  After that the funds are committed for advertising.

We are NO LONGER leaving the application open for late entries to the waitlist.


The application calls for 5 photos. 

3 need to be your product, please name them businessname1, businessname2, and businessname3
1 should be of your booth setup, name this one businessnamebooth
1 should be the image you'd prefer us to use on social media, however we may use any of your submitted photos based on our needs.

Please choose your best work and limit the file size to 500KB.  We do not accept photos by e-mail.


We will be curaing items for quality and uniqueness, and also to maintain a balanced mix of mediums.  Mayday Underground is an indie craft show that only allows handmade items, and we will be selecting items that best fit the Indie genre.  If you're not sure what that means, take a look at our photo albums on FB to get a feel for the show. Since Mayday is an indie show, we will NOT be accepting work that resembles fine art, fine craft, country crafts, or folk art. 

If you bring work that was not included in your application or approved by the jury, you will be asked to remove it. 

The application calls for a business name and website. These are requirements. If you do not have one or both of these, please obtain them or you will not be permitted to apply. You do not need to be selling your work on a website, but we need something to link to for promotional purposes. Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, blogs, personal websites, etc are all suitable forms of websites. 

When you submit your application, please look for an email from wufoo with your application information. This is proof that you applied. If you do not receive an email, check spam. If it is not in spam/junk, your application was likely not received. 


Swag for the show is no longer optional. You will be required to submit a minimum of 2 pieces of swag. However, if your work tends to be more pricey or you don't want to donate, you can opt to pay a $10 swag fee that will help us offset the cost of obtaining suitable swag as needed.  Accepted vendors will receive information on how to get the swag to us.

Types of swag we're looking for: Buttons, pins, notecards, mini prints, small objects, magnets, bookmarks, earrings, pendants, stickers, and so on. We'll be assembling a total of 120 swag bags. 

Miscellaneous Information


We’ll be advertising extensively using Facebook ads.  We may get some air time on local news channels.  We’ll also be passing out fliers across town, working with the folks leasing us the venue, and doing all sorts of social networking, with a heavy marketing force on Facebook and Instagram. We will also have sponsors for the event. We've also partnered with Yelp and we will be listed as their featured event for the weekend, which will go out to their email subscribers. Plus marketing to our own loyal followers on Facebook, Instagram, and through our e-mail list. Every penny not spent on show necessities (venue rental, printed materials, etc) is spent on advertising to ensure a robust crowd of buyers! 


The booth fee is not going in our pockets. The purpose of the fee is to pay for the venue, advertising, and printing for the event. Our goal is to spread awareness to as many people as possible to get them in the door and purchasing your things!

We will be collecting the booth fee via Paypal or personal check after acceptance. There will be a $20 fee for any returned checks.


Vendor must provide his/her own displays. You can do whatever you want within your booth space as long as it is not hazardous or disrespectful of your neighbor's space. Vendors refusing to comply will be asked to leave. The fall show is very well attended by spendy shoppers, so keep this in mind when preparing so you have a well stocked booth!


We will provide some complementary snacks and drinks as we have always done. We will see to getting some sort of food truck/vendor in the venue for lunch/snacks as well. If not, we collect orders for pizza and will deliver pizza to your booth. Snacks and beverages can also be delivered to your booth upon request. Volunteers will periodically walk the show floor offering snacks and bathroom breaks. 


Since the show is juried, we reserve the right to deny applicants if we believe the items are not handmade or if there are too many similar genres of items already accepted. We reserve the right to remove vendors the day of the show if the items being sold are not handmade. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, or any of the other types of catalog/MLM businesses are not eligible to vend at Mayday Underground. Your application will not be considered unless all required information, including the submission of 5 photos, is provided on your application. Please realize that we receive an overwhelming number of submissions for jewelry, art, and bath + body products and can only accept a handful to keep the show balanced. 

Set Up

Limited help is available during load-in and load-out if needed- just ask. Several handcarts/wagons will be available for you to borrow if needed. Please realize that we will have no extra chairs or tables on hand so you absolutely must remember to bring your own. 

Mayday! Underground details

The event is free to the public.

We will offer “Swag bags” for the first 50 people coming to the event each day (for a total of 100 bags), plus an additional 10 so we can award raffle winners every hour. 

The event will be completely indoors. The Village Gate has an enormous parking lot, yay!

Have any other questions? Contact us at MayDayCraft@gmail.com 

You will vend at your own risk. You cannot hold the Stern Properties, the Village Gate, or Mayday Underground responsible for any damages to yourself or your property.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements (swag fee, abide by space requirements, be handmade only, etc) are grounds for removal from the show without refund. 

In clicking the “I agree” button on the application, you agree to all of the above conditions.

If you’re ready to apply, follow the link: