How will we ensure ALL students will meet the Common Core Technology Standards?  How do we integrate 21st century skills into teaching and learning?  How do we create learning environments that will engage students today? How do we prepare kids for a future that will be different from what we can even image?

This website was created by the MDUSD educational technology program specialist Ann Tirrell, to help our community understand why in MDUSD we are asking these question in the College and Career Readiness, Common Core and Empowering Learning links.  Keeping student safe, ethical and purposeful online is important, find help doing this on the Digital Citizenship page. Technology is an engaging tool.  Make sure your students are ready to maximize using these tools by helping them with their Technology Skills page
Through the blog narrative you will learn about new educational technology initiatives in our district and other digital trends.  Plus the online, blog format will help you find information as it will be accessible and searchable when you need it. 

Ann Tirrell's Tweets @anntirrell

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