Maryland to Kentucky & Beyond Inc

"Gateway to the West" by David Wright
Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation organized in the state of Kentucky exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  It was formed to:

  • bring together descendants of Maryland to Kentucky pioneers who are researching in history and genealogy to promote fellowship and cooperation among them
  • promote the preservation of public records, historic buildings, cemeteries and historical and/or genealogical collections.
  • share ideas, information and methods in historical and genealogical research.
  • publish genealogical information related to Maryland to Kentucky pioneers and their descendants.
  • raise funds to support, promote and educate present and future generations about the value of preserving their heritage

Handouts from our 2017 event will be available soon to members and those that paid to attend the conference.  They will be emailed upon request and to the email that is on file.  




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