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Coalition Members

Michelle Atwell, MD Highway Safety Office

Beth Baker & Stephanie Hancock, NHTSA

Nora Becker, Kent County Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Jaime Lotter & Brandy Nannini, Century Council

Eddie Bell, David Mader & Connie Schultheis, Chesapeake Region Safety Council

Danielle Betkey & Andy Krajewski, MD Motor Vehicle Administration

Andy Billing, A.J. Billing & Company

Caroline Cash, MADD

Susan Concorde, Parent Network

Emilie Crown, Safe Kids Montgomery County

Stephanie Davis & Nicholas Worrell, NTSB

Marlene Didone, Parent Advocate

Capt. Tom Didone, Parent Advocate/Montgomery County Law Enforcement

Amanda Distefano, Safe Kids Washington County

Wanda Draper, WBAL

Kate Elkins, MD Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene

Dana Gigliotti, Debbie Jennings & Christina Sinz, MD State Highway Administration

Cathy Gillen, Highway Safety Consultant/Coalition Leader

Trevor Hoff, Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Ernest Lehr III, Baltimore County Police Dept

Thomas Liberatore, MD Dept of Transportation

Delegate James Malone, Maryland General Assembly

Rebecca Martin, Charles County Sheriff’s Office

Mayur Narayan, Carl Soderstrom & Beverly Stuck, UMD Medical Center

J. Terry Ober, Community Advocate & Educator

Rosemary Pezzuto, Camp Fire USA Patuxent Area Council

Debbie Pickford & David Predergast, Allstate Insurance

Joanne Read, Eleanor Roosevelt High School/SADD

Jim Schmidt, Howard Community College

Lois Twilley, Worchester County Health Dept

Karen Waggoner, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office

Debbie Yohn, PADD