Typical 1970s Computer System

A Data Communication Historical Series

by Bob Pollard

1970s Computer and Network examples:

   The illustration below shows a 1970s – 1980 generalized message switching and data processing computer system configuration. The core memory storage during that period could be replaced by solid state memory if battery backup was provided. The battery backup was necessary in order to prevent loss of memory data. These systems, depending on the system requirements, used combinations of micro-computers, mini-computers and large main frame computers. In many case the micro and mini computer would be used for interfacing devices and communication facilities. This interface between devices could be in any of the positions where a controller is indicated in the illustration.

1970s Disk Drive                                 1970s Magnetic Tape Drive


  The following illustration is a structural view of the types of communication equipment and network configurations that were available in the 1970’s and were in use prior to the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) and in some cases are still in use for various parts of existing network configurations.