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Guest Book-3
AUTODIN and Data Communication Related Comments, and Guest Book
A listing of comments and other information received from Data Communication Trivia and AUTODIN Contributors and Visiters
December 4, 2009 
Dear Sir,
  I served at the Ft Buckner Technical Control (32D20) from March 1973 to June 1974 and during that time I was TDY to the 8th Army NCO Academy Camp Casey Korea from September ?, 1973 to November 2, 1973.  I have no copy of orders and need them to prove that I was in Korea for over five weeks in order to be awarded the Korea Defense Service Medal.  I have been denied the medal by the army because all I have is my NCO Academy Certificate of completion and they say they need the orders.  Do you have any idea how I would be able to get this information?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
SP5 Larry Kendrick
Medford, OR
541-944-2715 cell
541-734-7186 home
January 4, 2010

It was terrific jolt to my memory to see all the pictures and stories on your sites.


I was at Andrews from 66 to 68 and Clark 69 to 70.  I visited the Camp Drake site as well as the Army site in Viet Nam.  I hosted an Autodin conference there and every logistics guy in the Far East was there from Autodin sites. Were you there?


Did you ever get into Nam?  I need to get a hold of someone who remembers me visiting there in 69 or 70?


I unfortunately do not remember any of the names of the Army guys that I came in contact with then.


Thanks for your efforts for preserving an extremely important part of our defense efforts in the Viet Nam war.


Roy Johnston, Captain, USAF, Retired

3903 Misty Morn

Sugar Land, TX 77479


January 11, 2010

I worked at the Pirmasens AUTODIN Switching Center. I was there from 1991 until we closed in 2004. I was the person responsible for the closure of the switch and turning  the building keys to DPW. I started out as the NCOIC of COMSEC, and upon going civilian, I became once again COMSEC Chief and Special Security Officer. I worked with some many great folks such as; My favorite Director Uncle Walt, Rogers Mungin, Ron Railing, Darna Whisenton, Len Dively, Chuck McGannon Billy Brooks, Ivan Winners, Ken Bortz, Ken Mormon, Steve Manuel, and some many other wonderful folks.


It was always such a great pleasure to see Terry Damon at our site. Terry did really love AUTODIN, and he was like a father figure to all us.


I still get teary eyes at the date when Mr. Rogers Mungin “pull the plug” and we shut down the switch. In all my entire years working as a communicator, I have never worked with such a tightly knit family such as ours. I have moved on, but I will never forget my years at the Pirmasens ASC. I’m still here in Germany, and always make sure that I go out of my way and drive by the “old switch “building.


I have enclosed a couple of photos of the switch:

Note: The photos are posted on the Pirmasen Page and in the Photo Gallery


Louie Rodriguez


Pirmasens AUTODIN 1991-2004


Feb 9, 2010

What a "GREAT SITE".  I was just sent the link by a fellow AF Ex-Autodiner (Joe Bruch) that I served with at McCllean AFB Apr. '66 to Aug. '68.  We where 2 among a bunch of A2C boots sent to the 5 US sites in 1966.  I especially liked Don Holtzclaw's input:


McClellan - the year of my discontent 1967! 


"McClellan started having some very serious problems. They couldn't stay online! McClellan's problems began with the AF Technicians assuming maintenance responsibilities for the switching center".


Having said that would like to thank the AF and especially WU Supervisors for help form my 41 year working career in the computer industry.  I learned most from Art Galbraith not only how to trouble shoot but how to handle adverse political conflict and still have people like and respect you.  Thanks Art. Also learned how to be a cocky tech from Darl McFall.


Because of Mr. Holtsclaw, Joe and I both got out of the AF with early outs and went to work for Burroughs Corp.  I work as a FE on up to FE Dist Mgr. for Burroughs moved into Sales sold mostly Main Frames big iron.  Later went to work for IBM as a "Competitive Account Executive" selling everything IBM had to offer, from PC's, Services to Mainframes.


My last year with IBM 2007/2008 I sold 2 new Z-Series Main Frames to 2 Insurance companies.  So much for the Main Frames are dead.


Regards, Jim

Jim Bauer
674 Spinnaker
Weston, FL 33326


Feb 11, 2010

Well bob bumped into your site. EXCELLENT. Did a lot of work with
Holtzclaw of drawings. His computer crashed and all was lost.
i didn't have copies of the work i did as my computer also crashed shortly
after his . i talked to him the night before he died and he sounded up an
ready to go. i was shocked that he had passed. i have some OLD pix
of andrews and some closing pix of upgraded system. will go threw the
archives and see if you would like them to post on the site. a lot of
work was done using powerpoint and became pretty good at it. Shame
all that work. It's been ten years since andrews closed. How time flies.
Keep up the good work site really looks good. i'll dig and see if i have something
Tim Tierney


Feb 15, 2010

Hey Bob,

Just for the hell of it, I put COMLOGNET into the Google search and up popped your web page.


I remember you from the old COMLOGNET system years.  I was working for RCA Service Company and was one of the first RCA installers at McClellan.  I started pulling cables under the floors and worked my way up to CDP operator.  There were about 6-8 RCA CDP operators and most of them had just returned from Tulle Greenland (with bundles of cash and expensive new cars). I (with my Plymouth Valiant) was sent there TDY from Cherry Hill and stayed for 2 years. I was included in the small group of RCA guys that stayed until the last of their contract.  The other guys whose names I can remember were Bill Curry (RCA CDP operator and off road dirt bike rider friend) and Chandler Clark an RCA engineer (I remember him using a vibrator to find bad CPU boards).


I was the CDP operator that kept a little black book "with all the things to do to get the system up ASAP" and left it on the CDP for everyone to use. Ira Shank (WU shift Supervisor) always complained (to me) that he rarely saw me work on the CDP. I told him that when ever I worked, the system was down and that it was my job to keep the system up and running. I think at that time WU lost some large amount of $ for each minute down so when I worked (the system was down), WU lost revenue. Ira's complaint was that I was always in the room next to the CDPs (or tape banks) reading the manuals and computer dumps.


Well one day the CDP would not boot up and everyone tried to get it to go and failed.  I was on leave and after about 2 hours they were in a panic and called me in.  I went to the CDP, booted it up, it failed, so I had them mount the previous program version.  The system came up and I read the patches in and everything was ready to go in about 4 minutes.  Apparently someone had put the new patches into the wrong program location and therefore corrupted the newest program version so it couldn't boot up. About that time Ira came in and I asked him if he would like me to take the system down so he could watch me work. Ira smiled and said he never wanted to see me "work" on his shift. I guess revenue losses went against the WU shift supervisors.


I also remember when we would try to reload the system in as short a time as possible and could not do it as fast as Norton (until we found out their secret).  The Norton guys did not start counting "downtime" as early as we did so they were always 1 or 2 minutes quicker than us.


I stayed in the computer field and became a program designer, then system designer, then I lead the design of a high Speed satellite interface for the Automated Weather Network.  I formed a company and wrote programs for Oil Well management, Weekly Equipment Rentals, and Parts Inventory.


I retired in 1995 and still ride off road motorcycles and will be going to Vegas Feb 18 for 2 weeks to ride in the desert with my friends.


Life has been good to me. I met a lot of good people at McClellan; learned how to operate a computer and then program one while at McClellan; and I'm amazed that my little PC could run rings around that old CDP dinosaur.


 I hope this meets you and yours in good health.


Hang in there.

Dave DiCarlo

May 20, 2010
Hey, cool site. Lots of good information and stories about the AUTODIN system.
I worked at Andrews ASC approx 1973 to 1977. After that I went to the AUTODIN Lab in Springfield, VA and stayed there for the rest of my time with AUTODIN. Must have put in 15 years there. Heartbroken when they closed it. They moved me back to Andrews on mid shift for a while and then I went to Chantilly, VA at the main office.
AUTODIN has had an amazing run. Incredible to think that we still have one ASC running. Exchanged email the other day with one of the guys, Bob Hershberger, who worked at Springfield with me for a long time and now works at Ft. Detrick. There were a bunch of real good and smart folks that worked at the Lab. I still miss the place sometimes.
Hi Timmy! I see you a regular poster on this site.

Ronald S. West
Science Applications International Corp.

12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190
Office: 703-375-2751 


July 7, 2010

I was one of the original DCS Autodin folks done the Tech and Oper testing at Ford-Phico is Willow Grove, Pa, Fort Monmouth, NJ, on to Croughton, Eng, Germany and Italy

and on the upgrade at Fort Detrick.


I retired from Fort Huachuca, Az  1996.


Eugene Weeks

P.O. Box 2164

Chandler, AZ 85244





July 7, 2010


The ASC Japan was at Camp Drake run by the Air Force from 1962 to 1974 and moved to Yokota in 1974. Camp Drake was near Fuchu AS which still ran the Plan 55 relay station. The closure coin only list Yokota. I sent a 5 level trainee to Camp Drake which was run by CMS Earl T.  Huff so he could see how Autodin Worked and to Fuchu to see how Plan 55 worked . He had failed the 5 level test 3 times before that. That was in 1967. He had to go on his time off to both of these stations but it was well worth it.


Thomas Repasy


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