Korat AFB
A Data Communication Historical Series

Korat AFB, Thailand: AUTODIN


Comments by Sherman Rattner:

I was and AF Tech Controller at Korat from Aug 68 to Aug 69 as part of the first AF crew that officially took over from Philco Ford.


That's me at the computer room console...   of course as a TC I actually worked mostly in the Tech Control Room. Note: The picture is posted in the Korat AFB Photo Gallery section.


A couple of more recollections: At the time we had mostly 1200, 2400 and 4800 baud circuits...  there were a few 9600 baud, which was really smokin'.  About midway through my tour I spent a few months TDY at Don Muang com center.  Became a shift supervisor when I got back to Korat.  Midshifts we all shared the job of cleaning out the bear cage which meant going inside and hosing it down while keeping the bear at bay.  Entertainment on a slow night was doing TTY real time chat sessions with our counterparts around the world (the internet has nothing over us), setting up round the world connections, and figuring how to make things actually work.  It was great fun being part of the first full Air Force crew after the turn-over from Philco-Ford.


Prior to going to Korat I was first at the main Andrews AFB Com Center - a hoppin' place (I seem to recall having to cut off the President one time) - and then at the Andrews receiver site in Brandywine MD.  During that time we put in the first Satellite Communications Terminal (the Big Golf Ball).  Service: November 23, 1965 to August 21, 1969. Original Electronics training at Kessler AFB.


I was one lucky dude: great people, great jobs workin' really kool stuff fun stuff, and great places everywhere I went.


Note: Some pictures provided by Sherman are posted in the Photo Gallery page.



Comments by John Lyons:

A few people I remember being assigned to Korat AFB during the period 1973-1974.

CMSgt Bill Foster was superintendent of the Korat ASC from 1973 through 1974. Bill already had a wide variety of AUTODIN experiences by the time he got to Korat. He was at Wildwood when it closed, he was superintendent at McClellan before Korat, and a couple years after he left Korat, he helped
close Clark ASC.

Capt Bofferding, OIC, came to Korat from Tinker ASC sometime in 1973 and
left in 1974.

In 1973, SSGT Fred Judd, George Nothelfer, plus one other individual manned the SM&R section.

The NCOIC was MSgt Jim White

Comments by Robert (Bob) Perry:

I worked at the Korat AutoDin site as E-4 Sgt. in the COMM section, July 1968 thru July 1969. From there, was stationed at NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs as Tech Support. Originally from Louisville KY, I now live in Indianapolis. I remember feeding and cleaning the Bear, and the THAI's stationed at our site love of the Rice Bugs.

Lackland AFB July-Aug. 1966
Kessler AFB Aug. 1966-July 1967
Warner Robbins AFB July 1967-July 1968.
TDY Fort Monmonth Army Signal School AotoDin training March1967-May 1967.
Korat Rhailand AFB July 1968-July 1969.
ENT AFB/Peterson Field/NORAD-Cheyenne Mouttain  July 1969-July 1970.

Robert (Bob) Perry


Comments by Jim Sawyer:

I worked at the Autodin site with Philco june 67-dec 68, trying to locate the site on a Korat map. I actually visited the Autodin site in 2007-old building was still there-across from it was the UPS bldg. The bear cage was there then and the tropo antenna next door.

Jim Sawyer