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G: Grin

G1: Good One

G2G: Got to Go

G4U: Good for You

G4Y: Good for You

GA: Go Ahead

GAC: Get a Clue

GAFIA: Get Away From It All

GAFM: Get Away From Me

GAL: Get a Life

GALL: Get a Life, Loser

GAP: Girls against Pregnancy

GASP: Go Away, Silly Person

GB: God Bless

GBH: Great Big Hug

GBH&K: Great Big Hug & Kiss

GBH&K: Great Big Hugs & Kisses

GBH&KB: Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back

GBKU: God Bless and Keep You

GBTM: Get Back To Me

GBU: God Bless You

GBY: God Bless You

GC: Garbage Collect

GD&H: Grinning, Ducking & Hiding

GD&R: Grinning, Ducking & Running

GD&RF: Grinning, Ducking & Running Fast

GD&RVVF: Grinning, Ducking & Running Very-Very Fast

GD&W: Grinning, Ducking & Weaving

GD&WVVF: Grinning, Ducking, and Walking Very-Very Fast

GDNR Grinning, Ducking and Running

GDNRVV: Grinning, Ducking and Running Very-Very Fast

GF: Girl Friend

GF: Girlfriend

GFAK: Go Fly a Kite

GFC: Going For Coffee

GFN: Gone For Now

GFR: Grim File Reaper

GFU: General F… Up

GFU: Good for You

GFY: Good for You

GG: Go Girl

GG: Good Game

GG: Good Going

GG: Gotta Go

GGC: Goo-Goo Cluster

GGG: Giggle

GGN: Gotta Go Now

GGP: Gotta Go Pee

GGP: Gotta Go Piss

GH: Getting Hard

GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIGO: Garbage In, Gospel Out

GIM: Great Idea Man

GIRO: Garbage in Rubbish Out

GIWIST: Gee, I Wish I'd said that

GJ: Good Job

GL: Good Luck

GLG: Good Looking Girl

GLG: Goofy Little Grin

GLGH: Good Luck and Good Hunting

GM: General Maintenance

GM: Good Morning

GM: Got Milk

GMAB: Give Me a Break

GMAFB: Give Me a F…’ing Break

GMBO: Giggling My Butt Off

GMC: Garage Mans Companion

GMC: Gotta Mechanic Coming

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time

GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike

GN: Good Night

GO: Get Out

GOB: Good' Ole Boy

GOI: Get Over It

GOK: God Only Knows

GOLD: Getting On Limp Dick

GOOH: Get Out of Here

GOOMF: Get Out of My Face

GOOML: Get Out of My Life

GOTFIA: Groaning On the Floor in Agony

GOWI: Get On With It

GPF: General Protection Fault

GPF: Go Puke, Fast

GPY: Grumpy

GR: Get Real

GR&D: Grinning, Running & Ducking

GR&D: Grinning, Running, and Ducking

GR8: Great

GRUIT: Get Real You Impudent Thing

GSHIWMP: Giggling So Hard I Wet My Pants

GTABO: Get That Ass Back On

GTBOS: Glad To Be Of Service

GTFOOMF: Get the F… Out of My Face

GTG: Got To Go

GTH: Go To Hell

GTP: Gone To Pee

GTS: Going To Starbucks

GTSY: Glad to See You

GTTB: Gee That's Too Bad

G2G: Got to Go
GUI: Graphical User Interface

GW: Getting Wet

GW: Goal Weight

GWATCDR: God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

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H: Hug

H&K: Hug and Kiss

H&K: Hugs and Kisses

H2: How To

H8: Hate

HAB: Hot Asian Babe

HABU: Have a Better 'Un

HAGN: Have a Good Night

HAGU: Have A Good 'Un

HAK: Hugs and kisses

HAND: Have a Nice Day

HAU: How Are You

HB: Happy Birthday

HB: Hug Back

HB2U: Happy Birthday to You

HBTY: Happy Birthday to You

HCB: Holy Cow, Batman

HF: Have Fun

HH: Holding Hands

HHGTTG: Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

HHIS: Hanging Head in Shame

HHO 1/2 K Ha-Ha, Only Half Kidding

HHOJ: Ha-Ha, Only Joking

HHOK: Ha-Ha, Only Kidding

HHOS: Ha-Ha, Only Serious

HHTYAY: Happy Holidays to You and Yours

HIB: Have I Been

HIG: How's it going?

HIH: Hope It Helps

HILIACACLO: Help I Lapsed Into A Coma and Can't Log Off

HIWTH: Hate It When That Happens

HLOL: Hysterically Laughing Out Loud

HLV: Hasta La Vista

HLVB: Hasta La Vista, Baby

HMFG: Holy Mother of F…’ing God

HMFIC: Head Mother F…’er In Charge

HMFWIC: Head Mother F…’er what's In Charge

HMOFG: Holy Mother of F…’ing God

HMP: Help Me Please

HMT: Here's My Try

HOF: Hell of Funny

HOMPR: Hang On, Mobile Phone's Ringing

HONDA: Had One Never Did Again

HORU: How Old Are You

HP: Home Page

HPB: High Ping Bastard

HSIBHHUB: Holy Shit its Batman Holding His Utility Belt

HSIK: How Should I Know

HSP: Highly Sensitive Person

HTB: Heavens to Betsy

HTFSIK: How the F… Should I Know

HTH: Happy To Help

HTH: Hope That Helps

HTH: Hope This Helps

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language

HTSI: Hope That Sinks In

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HUA: Head up Ass

HUA: Heads up Asshole

HUA: Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

HUB: Head up Butt

HUF: Horny Unattached Female

HUM: Horny Unattached Male

HW: Hardware

HWMBI: He Who Must Be Ignored

HWP: Height Weight Proportional

HWS (PEST): Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)

HWUA: Head Way up Ass

HYUNDAI: Hope You Understand Nothing's Drivable and Inexpensive

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IAAA: I Am an Accountant

IAAL: I Am a Lawyer

IAC: In Any Case

IAD: Internet Acronyms Dictionary

IAE: In Any Event

IAIYH: It's All In Your Head

IANAA: I Am Not an Accountant

IANAC: I Am Not a Crook

IANAL: I Am Not a Lawyer

IANALBIPOOTV: I Am Not a Lawyer, But I Play One on TV

IANYM: In A New York minute

IASH: I Am So Horny

IAW: In Accordance With

IBB: I'll Be Back

IBBV: Impossible Bits by Vendor

IBC: Inadequate, But Cute

IBM: I Blame Microsoft  /  Idiots Bought Me  /  Inadequate, But Marketable  /  International Business Machines

IBN: I'm Buck Naked

IBTD: I Beg To Differ

IBTL: In before the lock
IC: I See

ICB: I Care Because

ICBW: I Could Be Wrong

ICIHICPCL: I Can't Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less

ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol

ICTYBTIHTKY: I Could Tell You but Then I'd Have to Kill You

ICUR: I See You Are

ICYDK: In Case You Didn't Know

ICYI: In Case You're Interested

IDBI: I Don't Believe It

IDBY: I Don't Believe You

IDC: I Don't Care

IDD: Indeed

IDGAD: I Don't Give a Damn

IDGAS: I Don't Give a Shit

IDGI: I Don't Get It

IDK: I Don't Know

IDM: It Doesn't Matter

IDMM: It Doesn't Matter to Me

IDMTM: It Doesn't Matter to Me

IDT: I Don't Think

IDTS: I Don't Think So

IDTT: I'll drink to that

IDU: I Don't Understand

IE: Internet Exploder

IFF: If and only If

IGG: I Gotta Go

IGGNLTL: I Gotta Go Now Let's Talk Later

IGGTOT: I Gotta Go To Other Things

IGP: I Gotta Pee

IGTP: I Get the Point

IHA: I Hate Acronyms

IHATCFYB: I Have a Terrible Craving for Your Body

IHTBS: It Has To Be Shown

IHTFP: I Hate This F…’ing Place

IHTFP: I Have Truly Found Paradise

IHTG: I Hate To Go

IHTG: I Have To Go

IHYUWIM: I Hope You Understand What I Mean

IIABDFI: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

IINM: If I'm Not Mistaken

IIR: If I Recall

IIRC: If I Recall Correctly

IIRC: If I Remember Correctly

IITYWIMIWHTKY: If I Tell You What It Means, I Will Have To Kill You

IITYWIMWYBMAD: If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?

IITYWTMWYKM: If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me

IITYWYBAD: If I Tell You, Will you buy another drink?

IITYWYBMAB: If I Tell You, Will You Buy Me a Beer?

IIUC: If I Understand Correctly

IIWM: If It Were Me

IIWM: If It Were Mine

IJLS: I Just Like Saying

IJWTK: I Just Want To Know
IJWTS: I Just Want To Say
IK: I Know

IKBA: I Know Bugger All

IKWUMI: Know What You Mean

ILI: I Like Ike

ILIC: I Laughed, I Cried

ILICISCOMK: I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat Coffee on My Keyboard

ILIWTPCT: I Love It When the Plan Comes Together

ILN: It Looks Nice

ILN: It's Looking Nice

ILSHIBAMF: I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture

ILSHIBATF: I Laughed So Hard I Broke All the Furniture

ILU: I Love You

ILY: I Love You

IM: Instant Message

IM: Instant Messaging

IMA: I Might Add
IMAO: In My Arrogant Opinion

IMBO: In My Biased Opinion

IMBO: In My Bloody Opinion

IMBW: I May Be Wrong

IMCAO: In My Completely Arrogant Opinion

IMCDO: In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion

IMCO: In My Considered Opinion

IME: In My Experience

IMHBCO: In My Humble but Correct Opinion

IMHO: In My Holy Opinion

IMHO: In My Honest Opinion

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

IMMOR: I Make My Own Rules

IMNSCO: In My Not So Considered Opinion

IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion

IMNSVHO: In My Not So Very Humble Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion

IMOBIHO: In My Occasionally but Infrequently Humble Opinion

IMOBO: In My Own Biased Opinion

IMOHO: In My Occasionally Humble Opinion

IMPE: In My Personal Experience

IMPE: In My Previous Experience

IMPOV: In My Point Of View

IMS: I Am Sorry

IMS: I Must Say

IMU: I Miss You

IMVHO: In My Very Humble Opinion

INGSI: I'm Not Gonna Say It

INL: I'm Not Laughing

INPO: In No Particular Order

INT: I'll Never Tell

IOKIYAR: It's OK If You Are Republican

IOTTMCO Intuitively Obvious To the Most Casual Observer

IOU: I Owe You

IOW: In Other Words

IOWTBT: I Only Want To Be Told

IRC: Internet Relay Chat

IRL: In Real Life

IRMFI: I Reply Merely For Information

IROOC: I've run out of Cigarettes

IRSTBO: It Really Sucks the Big One

ISAGN: I See a Great Need

ISBAB: I should have bought a Book

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDN: It Still Does Nothing

ISIRTA: I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

ISO: In Search Of

ISO: In Support Of

ISP: Internet Service Provider

ISS: I’m So Sure

ISSYGTI: I’m So Sure You Get the Idea!
ISTM: It Seems To Me

ISTR: I Seem To Recall

ISTR: I Seem To Remember

ISWYM: I See What You Mean

ITA: I Totally Agree

ITAH: Is There Anybody Here

ITBUYSIFY: Impossible To Believe Unless You See It for Yourself

ITD: In the Dark

ITFA: In the Final Analysis

ITGLW&TCDR: If the Good Lord's Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

ITRO: In the Region Of

ITRW: In the Real World

ITSFWI: If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

ITWSBT: I Think We Should Be Told

ITYM: I Think You Mean

IUIATT: I Use It All the Time

IUTHALORFH: I Used To Have a Lot of Respect for Her

IUTHALORFH: I Used To Have a Lot of Respect for Him

IUTKATS: I Used To Know All That Stuff

IWALU: I Will Always Love You

IWBIWISI: I Will Believe It When I See It

IWBN: It Would Be Nice

IWBNI: It Would Be Nice If

IWBS: I Was Being Stupid

IWIK: I Wish I Knew

IWSN: I Want Sex Now

IYD: In Your Dreams

IYDM: If You Don't Mind

IYF: It's Your Fault

IYFEG: Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group

IYKWIM: If You Know What I Mean

IYKWIMAITYD: If You Know What I Mean and I Think You Do

IYL: If You Like

IYO: In Your Opinion

IYSWIM: If You See What I Mean

IYW: If You Wish