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VBEG: Very Big Evil Grin

VBG: Very Big Grin

VBS: Very Big Smile

VBSEG: Very Big Shit Eating Grin

VC: Virtual Community

VEG: Very Evil Grin

VES: Very Evil Smile

VETLA: Very Enhanced TLA

VFM: Value for Money

VH: Virtual Hug

VHS: Video Home System

VLSTGLOI: Vodka, Lime, Soda, Tall Glass, Lots Of Ice

VOLVO: Very Odd Looking Vehicle Owners

VOLVO: Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object

VPH: Visible Panty Line

VPN: Virtual Private Network

VR: Virtual Reality

VT: Virtual Time

VW: Very Wasted

VW: Virtually Worthless

VWD: Very Well Done

VWG: Very Wicked Grin

VWS: Very Wicked Smile


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W: Whatever

W: Wink

W/: With

W/O: Without

W8: Wait

W8ING: Waiting

WAB: What a Bummer

WAB: What another Bill

WAC: What a Crock

WAD: Without A Doubt

WADR: With All Due Respect

WAEF: When All Else Fails

WAF: Wife Acceptance Factor

WAFWOT: What a F…’ing Waste of Time

WAG: Wild Ass Guess

WALOC: What a Load of Crap

WAM: Wait a Minute

WAMKSAM: Why Are My Kids Staring At Me

WAN”: Wide Area Network

WARS: World Acronym Reference Standard

WATB: Whiney Ass Titty Baby

WAUF: Where Are You From

WB: Welcome Back

WB: Write Back

WBASAP: Write Back As Soon As Possible

WBMBF: Wanna Be My Boy Friend

WBMGF: Wanna Be My Girl Friend

WBS: Write Back Soon

WCAGA: What Comes Around, Goes Around

WCTYBTWHTKY: We Could Tell You, But Then We'd Have to Kill You


Who Came Up With Those Eleven Letter Acronyms, Nobody Is Going To Know What They Mean

WD: Well Done

WDF: What Da F…

WDO: Well Done Opponents

WDOI: Wouldn't Dream of It

WDYC: Who Do I Call

WDYLL: What Do You Look Like

WDYM: What Do You Mean

WDYMBT: What Do You Mean By That

WDYT: What Do You Think

WDYW: What Do You Want

WE: Whatever
Wrong Every F…’ing Time

WEM: Whatever, Man

WFF: Warm Fuzzy Feeling

WFHIT: What Fresh Hell Is This

WFM: Works for Me

WFO: Wide F…’ing Open

WG: Wicked Grin

WGACA: What Goes Around Comes Around

WGAS: Who Gives a Shit?

WGBTY: Will Get Back To You

WGO: What's Going On?

WGTG: Well, Got To Go

WH: What's happening?

WIBAMU: Well, I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle

WIBNI: Would It Be Nice If

WIBNIF: Wouldn't If Be Nice If

WIIFM: What's In It for Me?

WIMP: Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointing

WINDOWS: Will Install Needless Data on Whole System

WISP: Winning Is So Pleasurable

WIYGW: Write If You Get Work

WLYK: Will Let You Know

WMMOWS: Wash My Mouth Out With Soap

WNOHGB: Where No One Has Gone Before

WOA: Work Of Art

WOB: Waste of Bandwidth

WOCAB: Who, Of Course, Are Bastards

WOE: Way of Eating

WOE: World of Entertainment

WOFTAM: Waste of Flaming Time and Money

WOL: Wake-On-LAN

WOL: Way of Life

WOL: Win or Lose

WOLF: Witless One Line Follow-up

WOM: Word Of Mouth

WOMBAT: Waste ff Money, Brains, And Time

WOTAM: Waste Of Time and Money
Witless One Word Follow-up

WRATGAS Who Really And Truly Gives a Shit

WRT: With Regard To

WRT: With Respect To

WRU: Who Are You

WSD: Willing Suspension of Disbelief

WSLS: Win Some, Lose Some

WT: Without Thinking

WTB: Want To Buy
What the F…

WTFDIC: What the F… Do I Care

WTFDIK: What the F… Do I Know

WTFDYTYA: Who the F… Do You Think You Are

WTFO: What the F… Over

WTFRU: Who the F… Are You

WTFRUTA: What the F… Are You Talking About

WTFWT: What the F… Was That

WTG: Way to Go

WTGP: Want To Go Private?
What the Hell

WTHDTM: What the Hell Does That Mean?

WTMKF: Welcome to My Kill Filter

WTTC: Welcome to the Club

WTTM: Without Thinking Too Much

WTY: Waving To You

WU: What's up?

WWS: Wife Wants Sex

WWW: World Wide Wait

WWW: World Wide Waste

WWW: World Wide Web

WWW: World Wild Web

WWYL: When Will You Learn

WYGIWYAF: What You Get Is What You Asked For

WYGIWYG: What You Get Is What You Get

WYGIWYG: What You Got Is What You Get

WYGIWYPF: What You Get Is What You Pay For

WYLABOCTGWTR: Would You Like a Bowl of Cream to Go With That Remark?

WYLASOMWTC: Would You Like a Saucer of Milk with That Comment?

WYMOWS: Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

WYP: What's Your Point?

WYR: When you’re ready

WYSBANRTWYG: What You See Bears Absolutely No Relation to What You Get

WYSBYGI: What You See Before You Get It

WYSIOSALLLWYMG: What You See Is or Should At Least Look Like What You Might Get

WYSIWYD: What You See Is What You Deserve

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYM: What You See I What You Mean

WYSIWYN: What You See Is What You Need

WYSOH: Where's Your Sense of Humor

WYTTIWTK: What You Tell Them Is What They Know

WYTYSYDG: What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get


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X&O: Hugs and Kisses

XAO: Hugs and Kisses

XOXOXO: Kisses and hugs
XYL: Ex Young Lady

XYZ: Examine Your Zipper



Y: Why

Y2K: Year 2000

Y3: Yada-Yada-Yada

YAA: Yet another Acronym

YABA: Yet another Bloody Acronym

YABSA: Yet another Bloody Stupid Acronym

YAC: Are You Available To Chat

YADS: Yet another Dos Shell

YAFA: Yet another F…’ing Acronym

YAFIYGI: You Asked For It, You Got It

YANETUT: You Are Not Expected To Understand This

YAOTM: Yet another Off-Topic Message

YAP: Yet another Ploy

YAS: Young and Stupid

YAUN: Yet another Unix Nerd
YAW: You Are Wicked

YBS: You'll Be Sorry

YBTMFML: You Belong To Me Forever My Love

YBYSA: You Bet Your Sweet Ass

YCDBSOYA: You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass

YCDBWYCID: You Can't Do Business When Your Computer Is Down

YCLIU: You Can Look It Up

YD: Yesterday

YD: You're dead

YFTR: Yust for That Reason

YG: Young Gentleman

YGLT: You're Gonna Love This

YGM: You've Got Mail

YGTBK: You've got to Be Kidding

YGTBSM: You've got to Be Shitting Me

YGTI: You Get The Idea?
YGWYPF: You Get What You Pay For

YHBM: You Have Bin Mail

YHBT: You Have Been Trolled

YHBW: You Have Been Warned

YHGASP: You Have Got a Serious Problem

YHGASPL: You Have Got a Serious Problem, Lad

YHGMTPO: You Have Greatly Misunderstood the Purpose Of

YHL: You Have Lost

YHM: You Have Mail

YHMOAU: You Have Messed One Acronym Up

YHTBT: You Had To Be There

YIB: Yeah, I'll bet

YIU: Yes, I Understand

YIWGP: Yes, I Will Go Private
YKIYEI: You Killed It, You Eat It

YKWIM: You Know What I Mean

YKYARW: You know you're a Redneck When

YKYB: You know you've been

YKYBOTLW: You Know You've Been On-line Too Long When

YL: Young Lady

YM: You Mean

YM: Young Man

YMMD: You Made My Day

YMMV: You’re Mileage May Vary; or your experience could be different

YOMMFSWGAS: You've Obviously Mistaken Me for Someone Who Gives a Shit

YOYO: You're On Your Own

YR: Yeah Right

YS: You Suck

YSS: You Suck Severely

YSW: Yeah, Sure, Whatever

YTM: You the Man

YW: You're Welcome

YWHOL: Yelling "Woo-Hoo" Out Loud

YWSYLS: You Win Some, You Lose Some

YYY: Yeah; Yeah; Yeah


ZA: Zero Administration

ZIP: Zoning Improvement Plan