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S: Sigh

S: Smile

S&N: Smile and Nod

S/O: Someone

S/TH: Something

S2BX: Soon To Be Ex

S4C: Sorry For Caps

SAAB: Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown

SAHM: Stay At Home Mom

SAMF: Sad Ass Mother F…’er

SAMFU: Self-Adjusting Military F… Up

SAMFUTU: Situation Abnormal, More F….ed Up Than Usual

SAPFU: Surpassing All Previous F… Ups

SAPFU: Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups
Smart Ass Remark

SASB: Sobbing and Sniffing Bitterly

SAYOR: Speak At Your Own Risk

SB: Smiles Back

SBB: Stupid beyond Belief

SBCN: Sitting Behind the Computer Naked

SBD: Silent but Deadly

SBID: Shitty but It'll Do

SCNR: Sorry, Could Not Resist

SCSI: Small Computer System Interface

SCSI: System Can't See It

SCUBA: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

SDIHTT: Someday I'll have The Time

SEC: Wait a Second

SED: Said Enough Darling

SEG: Shit Eating Grin

SEP: Somebody Else's Problem

SETE: Smiling Ear To Ear

SF: Science Fiction SF: Speculative Fantasy

SFAIAA: So Far As I Am Aware

SFC: Sorry For Caps

SFLA: Stupid Four Letter Acronym

SFSG: So Far So Good

SFT: Sorry For That

SGML: Standardized General Markup Language

SH: Shit Happens

SHID: Slaps Head in Disgust

SHIT: Sure Happy It's Thursday

SHIT: Sure Happy It's Tuesday

SHLH: Sitting Here Laughing Hysterically

SHM: Shit Happens, Mate

SHTS: Spit Hitting the Spam

SHTSI: Somebody Had To Say It

SICS: Sitting In Chair Snickering

SIG: Special Interest Group

SIIC: See If I Care

SIIN: Stuffed If I Know

SIL: Sister in Law

SIL: Son in Law

SIMCA: Sitting In My Chair Amused

SITD: Still In the Dark

SIU: Suck It Up

SIUYAS: Stick It Up Your Ass Sideways

SIYH: Sooner If You Help

SLATFATF: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

SLIP: Serial Line Internet Protocol

SLIP: Single Line in Protocol

SLJ: Shitty Little Job

SLJO: Shitty Little Job Officer

SLM: See Last Mail
C'est la vie

SMAO: Showing My Ass Off

SMAR: Suck My Ass Raw

SME: Subject Matter Expert

SMO: Serious Mode On

SMOF: Secret Masters of Fandom

SMOFF: Serious Mode Off

SMOP: Small Matter of Programming

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNAC: Sitting Naked At Computer

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
Situation Normal, All F...ed Up

SNERT: Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager

SNFIAA: Still No F…’ing Idea at All

SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio

SO: Significant Other

SOB: Son Of a Bitch

SOI: Stink On Ice

SOI: Stunk On Ice

SOL: Shit Out of Luck

SOL: Shit Out of Luck

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOP: Standing Operational Procedures

SOP: Stay off the Pipe

SOS: Same Old Shit

SOS: Same Old Story

SOS: Same Old Stuff or Help
Sibling over Shoulder

SOS: Someone Special

SOSDD: Same Old Shit Different Day

SOSO: Same Old, Same Old

SOT: Short of Time

SOTMG: Short of Time Must Go

SOVS: Someone Very Special

SOW: Speaking Of Which

SP: Sorry for bad SPelling

SPAM: Slang Name for Unsolicited Commercial Email

SS: Smiling Sweetly

SS: So Sleepy

SSB: Smiling Sweetly Back

SSDD: Same Shit, Different Day

SSDD: Same Stuff, Different Day

SSEWBA: Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms

SSIA: Subject Says It All

ST: So There

ST: Star Trek

ST: Starting Weight

ST: Such That

STBY: Sucks To Be You

ST-DS9: Star Trek, Deep Space 9

STF: Search the Forum

STFU: Shut the F… Up

STFW: Search the F…’ing Web

STS: So to Speak

ST-TNG: Star Trek, the Next Generation

ST-TOS: Star Trek, the Original Series

ST-VOY: Star Trek, Voyager

STW: Search the Web

SUCDIC: Situation under Control, Dickheads In Charge

SUFID: Screwing Up Face In Disgust

SUNOILTY: Shut Up, No One Is Listening To You

SUQ: Stupid User Question

SUQs: Stupid User Questions

SUSFU: Situation Unchanged, Still F…’ed Up

SUYP: Shut Up You Pervert

SW: Says Who

SW: So What

SW: Software

SW: Star wars

SWAG: Scientific Wild Ass Guess

SWAG: Simple Wild Ass Guess

SWAK: Sealed With a Kiss

SWALK: Sealed With a Loving Kiss

STW8: Starting Weight

SWDYRTW: Since When Do You Rule the Web

SWIM: See What I Mean
Screaming With Laughter

SWMBO: She Who Must Be Obeyed

SW-SE: Star Wars Special Edition

SWWPACUWELA: Still Wondering Why People Are Coming Up With Eleven Letter Acronyms

SWYP: So what's your problem?

SYDWBY: See Ya, Don't Wanna Be Ya

SYIC: See You in Cyberspace

SYITFP: See You in the Funny Pages

SYL: See You Later

SYS: See You Soon

SYSOP: System Operator

SYT: See You Tonight

SYT: Sweet Young Thing

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TA: Thanks Again

TADT: They All Do That

TAF: That's All, Folks

TAFN: That's All for Now

TAFT: That's a Frightening Thought

TAM: Tenner a Month

TANJ: There Ain't No Justice

TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

TANSTAASQ: There Ain't no Such Thing as a Stupid Question

TARFU: Things Are Really Fouled Up
TARFU: Things Are Really F…ed Up

TBC: To Be Continued

TBDL: To Be Discussed Later

TBDML: To Be Discussed Much Later

TBE: To Be Expected

TBH: To Be Honest

TBNT: Thanks but No Thanks

TBYB: Try Before You Buy

TC: Take Care

TC: Telephone Call

TCB: Taking Care of Business

TCB: Trouble Came Back

TCBY: Taking Care of Business, Ya'll

TCD: The Cat's Dead

TCOY: Take Care of Yourself

TCOYF: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

TDD: The Dog's Dead

TDM: Too Damn Many

TE: The End

TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World As We Know It

TFB: Too F…’ing Bad

TFDS: That's For Damn Sure

TFE: Too F…’ing Easy

TFM: The F…’ing Manual

TFN: Thanks for Nothing

TFS: Three Finger Salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

TFTHAOT: Thanks for the Help Ahead Of Time
TFTT: Thanks for the Thought

TFTT: Thanks for the Tip

TGAL: Think Globally, Act Locally

TGFTCL: Thank God for the Chat Line

TGIF: Thank God It's Friday

TGTF: Thank God Tomorrow's Friday

THHGTTG: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

THNX: Thanks

THO: Titty Hard On

THX: Thanks
TI: That is

TIA: Thanks In Advance

TIATLG: Truly, I Am the Living God

TIC: Tongue in Cheek

TIE: Take It Easy

TILII: Tell It Like It Is

TIMTOWTDI: There Is More than One Way to Do It

TINALO: This Is Not a Legal Opinion

TINAR: This Is Not a Recommendation

TINC: There Is No Cabal

TINSTAAFL: There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

TINWIS: That Is Not What I Said

TIP: To Insure Promptness

TIWTGLGG: This Is Where the Goofy Little Grin Goes

TJATAW: Truth, Justice, and the American Way

TLA: Three-Letter Acronym

TLC: Tender Loving Care

TLD: Top Level Domain

TLG: The Living God

TLTB: Thank you Linesmen, Thank you Ball-boys

TM: Thread Mangled

TM: Tomorrow

TM: Trust Me

TMI: Too Much Information

TMIKTLIU: The More I Know, the Less I Understand

TMSHTF: Too Much Shit Hit the Fan

TMTLTBMG: There's More to Love Than Boy Meets Girl

TMTOWTDT: There's More Than One Way to Do This

TN: Telnet

TNLNSL: Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Logbook

TNOTB: The Number of the Beast

TNOTVS: There’s nothing on TV So

TNSO: Temptingly Naked Significant Other

TNSTAAFL: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
TNT: Till Next Time

TNTC: Too Numerous To Count

TNTL: Trying Not To Laugh

TNX: Thanks

TNXE6: Thanks A Million
TOBAL: There Ought-a Be A Law

TOBG: This Ought-a Be Good

TOY: Thinking of You

TOYOTA: Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto

TPAE: The Possibilities Are Endless

TPS: This Program Sucks

TPSS: This Program Sucks Severely

TPTB: The Powers That Be

TQM: Total Quality Management

TRATEOTU: The Restaurant at the End Of The Universe

TRDMC: Tears Running Down My Cheeks

TS: Tough Shit

TSIA: Title Says It All

TSJD: Texas Size Jelly Donut

TSOHF: Total Sense of Humor Failure

TSRP: Terminate and Stay Resident Program

TSR: Totally Stupid Rules

TT: Take That

TTBE: That's To Be Expected

TTBOMK: To the Best of My Knowledge

TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now

TTL: Time to Live

TTL4N: That's the Lot for Now

TTLFN: That's the Lot for Now

TTM: To the Moderator

TTS: Tiny Tit Syndrome

TTT: To the Top

TTTH: Talk to the Hand

TTUL: Talk to You Later

TTUL: Type to You Later

TTYL: Talk to You Later

TTYL: Type to You Later

TTYRS: Talk to You Real Soon

TTYRS: Type to You Real Soon

TTYS: Talk to You Soon

TTYS: Type to You Soon

TTYT: Talk to You Tomorrow

TUFD: The User File Died

TVM: Thanks Very Much

TWAIN: Technology without an Interesting Name

TWIMC: To Whom It May Concern

TWIWI: That Was Interesting, Wasn't It

TWYAS: That's What You All Say

TWYT: That's What You Think

TX: Thanks

TY: Thank You

TYCLO: Turn Your Caps Lock Off

TYLE: Took You Long Enough

TYP: Thank You Partner

TYVM: Thank You Very Much

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U: You

U/L: Upload

U2: You Too

UAE: Unrecoverable Application Error

UBD: User Brain Damage

UCCOM: You Can Count On Me

UCE: Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

UDS: Ugly Domestic Scene

UIAM: Unless I Am Mistaken

UL: Upload

UNA: Use No Acronyms

UNCLE: Unified Nuclear Coalition of Latvian Emigrants

UOK: Are You Okay

UOK: You Ok

UOM$: You Owe Me Money

UPGS: Unfinished Project Guilt Syndrome

UR: You Are

UR: Your

URI: Uniform Resource Identifier

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

URLCM: You Are Welcome

USAFU: Un-Serviceable, All F…’ed Up

USB: Universal Serial Bus

USU: Usually

UTC: Under the Counter

UTSL: Use the Source, Luke

UTT: Under the Table