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M$: Microsoft

M8: Mate

MAC: Media Access Control

MAC: Most Applications Crash

MACINTOSH: Most Applications Crash If Not, the Operating System Hangs

MARINE: My Ass Riding In Navy Equipment

MAYB: Mad About You, Baby

MAZDA: Most Always Zipping Dangerously Along

MBUC: Mind Bogglingly Unlikely Coincidence

MCIBTY: My Computer Is Better Than Yours

MD: More Dirt

MDA: Mail Delivery Agent

MEG: Mega Evil Grin

MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over
MFG: More Friendly Garbage

MFIC: Mother F…’er In Charge

MFN: Main Frogans Network

MFTL: My Favorite Toy Language

MFWIC: Mother F…’er what’s In Charge

MGB: May God Bless

MGD: My Game-boy Died

MH: Mostly Harmless

MHBFY: My Heart Bleeds for You

MHDC (A): My Hard Drive Crashed (Again)

MHOTY: My Hat's Off To You

MHYG: Mind How You Go

MIASGB: Make It a Short Good Bye

MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

MIL: Mother in Law

MILF: Mothers I'd like to F…

MIPS: Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed

MIPS: Meaningless Information per Second

MIPS: Million Instructions per Second

MIRL: Meet In Real Life

ML: More Later

MLA: Multiple Letter Acronym

MMF: Make Money Fast

MMHS: Make My Heart Sing

MMIF: My Mouth Is Full

MNT: Medical Nutrition Therapy

MOF: Male or Female

MOF: Matter of Fact

MORF: Male or Female

MOS: Member of the Opposite Sex

MOSS: Member of Same Sex
MOTAS: Member of the Appropriate Sex

MOTD: Message of the Day

MOTH: Humorous Collectibles Forum Variation on Member of The Month

MOTM: Member of the Month

MOTO Master of the Obvious

MOTOS: Member of the Opposite Sex

MOTOS: Member of the Other Sex

MOTSS: Member of the Same Sex

MP: My Pleasure

MPTY: More Power to You

MS: Masters Degree

MS: Microsoft

MS: More of the Same

MS: More Shit

MSCEA: My Southern Comfort's Empty Again

MSG: Message

MSMD: Monkey See Monkey Do

MSS: Member of the Same Sex

MT: Miss-tell
MTA: Mail Transfer Agent

MTBF: Mean Time between Failures

MTF: More to Follow

MTFBWY: May the Force Be With you

MUA: Mail User Agent

MUD: Multi User Domain

MUD: Multi User Dungeon

MUG: Multi User Game

MUNG: Mash until No Good

MUNG: Mung until No Good

MUSH: Multi User Shared Hallucination

MYOB: Mind Your Own Business

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N/A: Not Acceptable

N/A: Not Applicable

N/A: Not Available

N/M: Never Mind

N1: Nice One

N2S: Needless 2 Say

NADT: Not a Darn Thing

NAFAIK: Not As Far As I Know

NAGI: Not a Good Idea

NAHM: Not a Happy Man

NAHW: Not a Happy Woman

NAJASC: Not Affiliated Just another Satisfied Customer

NAJASCYYY: Not Affiliated Just another Satisfied Customer Yadda-Yadda-Yadda

NAK: Not Acknowledged

NALOPKT: Not a Lot of People Know That

NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself

NAYYY: Not Affiliated Yadda-Yadda-Yadda

NB: Nota Bene

NBD: No Big Deal

NBFD: No Big F…’ing Deal

NBL: Not Bloody Likely

NBTD: Nothing Better to Do

NC: No Comment

NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDLWSMB: Nearly Died Laughing While Shaving My Butt

NE1: Anyone

NEM: Nothing Else Matters

NERD: National Establishment For Real Dorks

NFG: No F…’ing Good

NFI: No F…’ing Idea

NFIAA: No F…’ing Idea at All

NFS: Need for Speed

NFS: Network File System

NFW: No F…’ing Way

NFWM: No F…’ing Way Man

NFY: No, F… You

NG: New Guy

NG: News Group

NG: No Good

NHOH: Never Heard Of Her

NHOH: Never Heard Of Him

NHTOB: Never Heard That One Before

NIAA: No Idea at All

NIC: Network Interface Card

NICBDAT: Nothing Is Certain But Death and Taxes

NIDWTC: No I Don't Want To Chat

NIFOC: Nude In Front Of Computer

NIH: Not Invented Here

NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard

NIME: Not In My Experience

NIMFYE: Not In My Front Yard Either

NIMTO: Not In My Term of Office

NINO: Nothing In, Nothing Out

NIT: Not In Therapy

NITS: Nervous In the Service

NK: New Kid

NLI: Not Logged In

NM: Never Mind

NM: Not Much

NMI: No Middle Initial

NMJ: Not My Job

NMN: No Middle Name

NMP: Not My Problem

NN: Night-Night

NNTP: Network News Transfer Protocol

NONYA: None Ya Business

NOPE: Not On Planet Earth

NORWICH: Knickers off Ready When I Come Home

NOYB: None of Your Business

NP: No Problem

NPAA: No Problem at All

NPF: No Problem Found

NPLU: Not People like Us

NPNG: No Pain No Gain

NQA: No Questions Asked

NQOS: Not Quite Our Sort

NQWI: Not Quite With It

NRN: No Reply Necessary

NSFW: Not Suitable For Work

NSS: No Shit, Sherlock

NT: No Text

NTDW: Nothing to Do With

NTDWI: Nothing to Do With It

NTG: Not Too Good

NTH: No Therapy Helpful

NTIBOA: Not That I'm Bitter or Anything

NTIM: Not That It Matters

NTIMM: Not That It Matters Much

NTK: Need to Know

NTK: Nice to Know

NTL: Nevertheless

NTL: Nonetheless

NTTAWWT: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

NTTFLS: Not Till the Fat Lady Sings

NTYMI: Now That You Mention It

NUI: Network User Identification

NW: Next Week

NW: No Way

NWOBHM: New wave of British Heavy Metal

NWOT: New without tags (for selling items online)

NWT: New with tags (for selling items online)
NYCTMI: Now You Come To Mention It

NYM: New York minute

NYP: Not you’re Problem

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O: Over

OACB: Offensive As Can Be

OAO: Over And Out

OATUS: On A Totally Unrelated Subject

OAUS: On an Unrelated Subject

OB: Obligatory

OBE: Overcome By Events

OBO: Or Best Offer

OBTW: Oh, By The Way

OD: Oh Dear

OD: Overdose

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

OFS: One Finger Salute

OIC: Oh, I See

OJ: Obligatory Joke

OJ: Only Joking

OJ: Orange Juice

OL: Old Lady

OLDSMOBILE: Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buick's Irregular Leftover

OM: Old Man

OMDB: Over My Dead Body

OMFG: Oh My F…’ing God

OMG: Oh My God

OMKC: On My Knees Crying

OMKP: On My Knees Praying

OMW: On My Way

ONNA: Oh No, Not Again

ONNTA: Oh No, Not This Again

OO: Over and Out

OOAK: One of a kind (for selling items online)
OOC: Out of Character

OOI: Out of Interest

OOM: Out of Memory

OOP: Out of Production

OOS: Out of Sight

OOSOOM: Out of Sight, Out Of Mind

OOT: Out of Town

OOTB: Out of the Box

OOTC: Obligatory On Topic Comment

OP: Original Poster

OPL: Obvious Panty Line

OPM: Other Peoples' Money

ORN: Oh Really now

OS: Operating System

OS/2: Obsolete Soon, Too

OS/2: Operating System 2

OSIF: Oh Shit, I Forgot

OSIM: Oh Shoot Its Monday

OSLT: Or Something Like That

OSOM: Out of Sight Out of Mind

OSU: Officially Sanctioned User

OT: Off Topic

OT: On Topic

OT1H: On The One Hand

OTBE: Over Taken By Events

OTC: Over the Counter

OTD: Out the Door

OTF: On theFloor

OTF: On the Phone

OTFL: On the Floor Laughing
OTK: Over the Knee

OTL: Out to Lunch

OTOH: On The Other Hand

OTOOH: On the Other-Other Hand

OTOS: On the Other Side

OTP: One True Pairing

OTT: Over the Top

OTTH: On the Third Hand

OTTOMH: Off the Top of My Head

OTTOMHAROO: Off the Top of My Head and Rolling Out Of Bounds

OTTOMHAROOB: Off the Top of My Head and Rolling Out Of Bounds

OTW: On the Way

OTW: On the Whole

OUSU: Oh, You Shut Up

OW: Oh Well

OWTTE: Or Words To That Effect

OYKKAA: On Your Knees Kissing Ass Again

OYW: On Your Way