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JK: Just Kidding

J4F: Just For Fun

J4G: Just For Grins

J4SAG: Just For Shit and Grins

J6P: Joe 6-Pack

JAFO: Just another F…’ing Observer

JAFU: Just another F… Up

JAM: Just a Minute

JAM: Just a Moment

JANFU: Joint Army-Navy F… Up

JAS: Just a Second

JASE: Just another System Error

JAWS: Just another Windows Shell

JBL: Junk But Loud

JFA: Just F…’ing around

JFC: Jesus F…’ing Christ

JFF: Just For Fun

JFG: Just For Grins

JFI: Just For Information
JFTR: Just For the Record

JFYI: Just For Your Information

JIC: Just In Case

JK: Just Kidding

JMHFOOC: Just My Humble F…’ing Opinion of Course

JMO: Just My Opinion

JMOOC: Just My Opinion of Course

JPW: Just Plain Weird

JSNM: Just Stark Naked Magic

JTLYK: Just To Let You Know

JTYWTK: Just Thought You Wanted To Know

JW: Just Wondering

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K: Kiss

K: Okay

KB: Kiss Back

KBD: Keyboard

KCBIWIYWI: Keep Coming Back, It Works If You Work It

KDW: Keep Digging, Watson

KEAH: Kill Everyone after Hours

KHYF: Know How You Feel

KIBO: Knowledge In, Bullshit Out

KIQ: Keep It Quiet

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

KIT: Keep In Touch

KITA: Kick In the Ass

KITB: Kick In the Butt

KMA: Kiss My Ass

KMG: Kiss My Grits

KMYF: Kiss Me You Fool

KOC: Kiss on Cheek

KOL: Kiss on Lips

KOTC: Kiss on the Cheek

KOTL: Kiss on the Lips

KTCOOTN: Keep This Crap Out Of This Newsgroup

KUTGSAWYAD: Keep Up the Good Spirit and Whatever You Are Doing

KUTGW: Keep Up the Good Work

KWIM: Know What I Mean

KYFC: Keep Your Fingers Crossed

KYHOOYA: Keep Your Head Out Of Your Ass

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L: Laugh

L2BS: License to BS

L8R: Later

L8R G8R: Later 'Gat’er

LAB&TYD / LABATYD: Life's a Bitch & Then You Die

LABTYD: Life's a Bitch; then You Die

LAGNAF: Let's All Get Naked and F…

LAN: Local Area Network

LART: Loser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool

LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LAY: Looking At You

LDD: La Dee Da

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer

LG: Let's Go

LGT: Link Goes To

LHM: Lord Help Me

LHO: Laughing Head Off

LHU: Lord Help Us

LIFER: Lazy Incompetent F…er Evading Responsibility

LIFO: Last in First Out

LIHOP: Let It Happen On Purpose

LIRGAS: Like I Really Give a Shit

LIS: Lost In Space

LISP: Lost In Stupid Parenthesis

LISP: Lots of Infuriating & Silly Parenthesis

LJBF: Let's Just Be Friends

LLAL: Laughing Like a Lunatic

LLAP: Live Long and Prosper

LLTA: Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause

LMA: Leave Me Alone

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off

LMAOROTF: Laughing My Ass off Rolling on the Floor

LMC: Let Me See

LMC: Lost My Connection

LMCOA: Lost My Connection Once Again

LMFAO: Laughing My Fat Ass Off

LMFAO: Laughing My F…’ing Ass Off

LMHO: Laughing My Head Off

LMIRL: Let's Meet In Real Life

LMK: Let Me Know

LMS: Let Me See

LMSO: Laughing My Socks Off

LMTFA: Leave Me the F… Alone

LMTO: Laughing My Tampon Out

LMTO: Laughing My Tits Off

LMWIS: Lick Me Where I Sweat

LOA: List of Abbreviations

LOA: List of Acronyms

LOA: Love on Arrival

LOIS: Laughing On The Inside

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

LOL: Little Old Lady

LOL: Lots of Love

LOL: Lots of Luck

LOLA: Laughing Out Loud Again

LOLOL: Laughing Out Loud On-Line

LOLOL: Lots of Laughing Out Loud

LOMBARD: Lots of Money but a Real Dickhead

LOML: Light of My Life

LOOL: Laughing Out Outrageously Loud

LOQ: Laughing Out Quietly

LOWNBTD: Laid Off With Nothing Better to Do

LPB: Low Ping Bastard

LSFIAB: like Shooting Fish in A Barrel

LSHIPMP: Laughing So Hard I Peed My Pants

LSHMBB: Laughing So Hard My Belly is bouncing

LSHMBH: Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts

LSHMBIB: Laughing So Hard My Belly Is bouncing

LSHMCIS: Laughing So Hard My Computer Is Shaking

LSHMSH: Laughing So Hard My Side Hurts

LSHTTARDML: Laughing So the Tears Are Running Down My Leg

LSP: Less Sensitive Person

LTBF: Learn To Be Funny

LTF: Leap to Frogans

LTHTT: Laughing Too Hard To Type
LTIC: Laughing Till I Cry

LTIP: Laughing Till I Puke

LTNC: Long Time, No See

LTNS: Long Time No See

LTNT: Long Time, No Type

LTR: Later

LTS: Laughing To Self

LTUAE: Life, the Universe, and Everything

LU4E&A: Love You For Ever and Always

LUB: Laughing Under Breath

LULU: Locally Unwanted Land Use

LUSER: Loser User

LUWAMH: Love You with All My Heart

LWR: Launch When Ready

LY: Love You

LYL: Love You Lots

LYLAB: Love You like A Brother

LYLAS: Love You like A Sister

LYLY: Love You and Leave You

LYMI: Love You Mean It

LZ: Loser