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D&C: Duck and Cover

D/L: Down Load

DAMHIKIJKOK: Don't Ask Me How I Know, I Just Know OK

DAP: Parents against Dyslexia

DARFC: Ducking and Running For Cover

DBA: Doing Business As

DBAI: Designed By an Idiot

DBBO: Difficult Bits by Others

DBN: Doing Business, Not

DD: Darling Daughter

DD: Dear Daughter

DD: Dreaded Disease

DDD: Deliberate Design Decision

DEC: Digital Equipment Corporation

DEC: Do Expect Cuts

DEGT: Don't Even Go There

DEU: Dumb End User

DFI: Dumb F…’ing Idea

DFN: Dedicated Frogans Network

DFU: Don't Forget Units

DGT: Don't Go There

DH: Deaf Hubby

DH: Dear Hubby

DH: Dear Husband

DH: Dick Head

DH: Dumb Hubby

DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHTML: Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DIIK: Damned If I Know

DIIN: Damned If I Know

DIKU: Do I Know You?
DIL: Daughter in Law

DILLIC: Do I Look Like I Care

DILLIGAD: Do I Look Like I Give a Damn

DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give a F…

DILLIGAFF: Do I Look Like I Give a Flying F…

DINK: Double Income, No Kids

DINK: Dual Income, No Kids

DINS: Double Income No Sex

DITUIHIBMSL: Did I Tell You I Hate IBMS Lately

DITUILIBMSL: Did I Tell You I Love IBMS Lately

DIY: Do It Yourself

DK: Don't Know

DKU: Drop Kick Ugly

DL: Download

DLG: Devilish Little Grin

DLN: Don't Leave Now

DLTBBB: Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

DLTDHYWTGLSY: Don't Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya

DMML: Don't Make Me Laugh

DNA: Did Not Answer

DND: Do Not Disturb

DND: Drag 'N Drop

DNPM: Damn Near Pissed Myself

DNPM: Darn Near Pissed Myself

DNS: Domain Name Server

DNS: Domain Name Service

DNS: Domain Name System

DOA: Dead on Arrival

DOB: Date of Birth

DODGE: Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere

DOM: Dirty Old Man

DOS: Dead Operating System

DOS: Defective Operating System

DOS: Disk Operating System

DOS: Dozing Off Soon

DRA: Don't Recognize Acronyms

DS: Darling Son

DS: Dear Son

DSH: Desperately Seeking Help

DTD: Document Type Definition

DTHT: Delighted To Hear That

DTOKAB: Drop to One Knee and Blow

DTP: Desk Top Publishing

DTRT: Do the Right Thing

DUCT: Did You See That

DUCWIC: Do You See What I See

DUK: Dead upon Keyboard

DVD: Digital Versatile Disc

DW: Dear Wife

DW: Don't Worry

DWAI: Don't Worry About It

DWIM: Do What I Mean

DWIMC: Do What I Mean, Correctly

DWIMNWIS: Do What I Mean, Not What I Say

DWISNWID: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

DWOL: Drunk while on line

DYE: Damn you’re Eyes

DYHABF: Do You Have a Boyfriend?

DYHAGF: Do you have a girlfriend?

DYHWIH: Do You Hear What I Hear

DYJHI: Don't You Just Hate It

DYJHIW: Don't You Just Hate It When

DYJHIWTH: Don't You Just Hate It When That Happens

DYODW: Do Your Own Dirty Work

DYSWIS: Do You See What I See

DYT: Don't You Think

DYTS: Don't You Think So


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E2EG: Ear To Ear Grin

ECP: Excessive Cross Posting

ED: Emotionally Disturbed

EDP: Emotionally Disturbed Person

EG: Evil Grin

EGBOK: Everything's Going To Be Okay

EGC: Extremely Grunted Customer

EIF: Exercise in Futility

EMML: E-mail Me Later

EMP: Excessive Multiple Posting

EMS: E-Mail Shorthand

EMSG: Email Message

ENQ: Enquire

EOB: End of Business

EOD: End of Debate

EOD: End of Discussion

EOF: End of File

EOL: End of Lecture

EOM: End of Message

EOQ: End of Question

EOQ: End of Quote

EOS: End of Show

EOS: End of Story

EOT: End of Thread

EOT: End of Transmission

EPBKAC: Error Persists Between Keyboard and Chair

EPU: Evil Parallel Universe

ES&D: Eat Shit & Die

ES&LTHI: Eat Shit & Live To Hate It

ESAD: Eat Shit and Die

ESADMF: Eat Shit and Die Mother F…’er

ESAL: Eat Shit and Live

ESBAM: Eat Shit, Bark At Moon

ESOSL: Endless Snorts of Stupid Laughter

ESP: Especially

ETA: Edited To Add

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure

ETLA: Extended Three Letter Acronym

E2EG: Ear To Ear Grin

EZ: Easy


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F2F: Face to Face

F2F: Flesh to Flesh

F4T: Food For Thought

FA: F… All

FAAK: Falling Asleep At Keyboard

FAFWOA: For A Friend without Access

FAO: For Attention Of

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

FAQL: Frequently Asked Question(s) List

FAWC: For Anyone Who Cares

FBH: Federal Bureau of Hackers

FBH: F…’ing Butter Heads

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI: Female Body Inspector

FBI: Full Blown Idiot

FC: Fingers Crossed

FCFS: First Come, First Served

FCOL: for Crying Out Loud

FD: F… Dat

FDA: Food & Drug Administration

FDA: F…’ing Dumb Ass

FDROTFL: Falling Down Rolling On the Floor Laughing

FF: French fry

F4T: Food For Thought

FFRD: Flying F…’ing a Rolling Donut

FFS: For F…’s Sake

FFT: Food For Thought

FGS: For Goodness' Sake

FIAT: Finds It Appallingly Tasteless

FIAT: Fix It Again, Tony

FICCL: Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less

FIFO: First In, First Out

FIGJAM: F… I'm Good, Just Ask Me

FIGMO: F… It, Got My Orders

FIIK: F…’ed If I Know

FIIN: F…’ed If I Know

FIL: Father in Law

FIOFYF: Figure It out for Yourself, F…’er

FISH: First In, Still Here

FISHDO: F… It, Shit Happens, Drive On

FITB: Fill In the Blank

FIWOBATLAAI: F…’ing Idiot with out Brains and Talking like an Addicted IRC’er (Internet Relay Chat’er)

FKMFATIFKYB: French kiss My Furry Ass ‘til It French Kisses You Back

FLE: Four Letter expletives

FM: F…’ing Magic

FMH: F… Me Harder

FMN: Forget Me Not

FMTEYEWTK: Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know

FMV: Fair market value (for selling items online)
FNC: Frogan’s Network Certificate

FNS: Frogans Network System

FNSL: Frogans Network System Language

FO F: … Off

FOAD: F… Off and Die

FOAF: Friend of a Friend

FOAFOAG: Father of a Friend of A Girlfriend

FOAG: Father of a Girlfriend

FOC: Free of Charge

FOCLMAO: Fell Off Chair Laughing My Ass Off

FOD: Finger of Death

FORD: Fast Only Rolling Downhill

FORD: Fatally Obese Redneck Driver

FORD: Fix Or Repair Daily

FORD: Found On Road Dead

FOS: Freedom of Speech

FOS: Full of Shit

FOT: Full of Tripe

FOTCL: Falling Off the Chair Laughing

FOTM: Flavor of the Month

FPS: First Person Shooter

FPS: For Pete's Sake

FPS: Frames per Second

FRE: Frequently Requested Enhancement

FRED F…’ing Ridiculous Electronic Device

FRZ: Fruitin' Religious Zealot

FS: For Sale
FSDL: Frogans Slide Description Language

FTASB: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

FTBOMH: from the Bottom of My Heart

FTDS: F… the Dumb Shit

FTF: Face to Face

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTLOG: For the Love of God

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

FTS: Fixing To Start

FTTT: From Time To Time

FTW: For the Win

F2F: Face to Face

F2F: Flesh to Flesh

FU: Follow-Up

FU: F…ed Up

FU: Future Use

FUA: Frequently Used Acronym

FUA: F…’ed Up Again

FUBAB: F…’ed Up Beyond All Belief

FUBAR: F…’ed Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR: F…’ed Up Beyond All Repair

FUBAR: F,,,’ed Up Beyond Any Recognition

FUBARWHOF: F…’ed Up Beyond All Recognition without Hope Of Fixing

FUBB: Fouled Up Beyond Belief

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FUMTU: F…’ed Up More Than Usual

FUP: Follow Up

FUP2: Follow Up To

FURTB: Full up Ready to Burst

FUT: Follow-Up To

FWIW: For What It's Worth

FWMAYOR: F… With Me at Your Own Risk

FY: F… You

FYA: for Your Amusement

FY&TSYRIO: F… You & the Sysop You Rode In On

FYATSYRIO: F… You and the Sysop You Rode In On

FYDITM: F… You Directly In the Mouth

FYE: For Your Entertainment

FYEO: For Your Eyes Only

FYG: For Your Guidance

FYI: For Your Information