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Jan 15, 2009
Bob, My name is John Scott, I served in the Army as a 72G and finally as a 31Z. I taught at the signal school both at Ft. Monmouth and Ft. Gordon.

I was stationed at Coltano ASC (RUFL) for 6 1/2 years and have visited or worked temporarily at quite a few of the AUTODIN Sites.
Coltano, Pirmasens, Taegu, Yokota, Wahaiwi, Croughton, Gentile, Andrews, Syracuse, McClellan, Norton, Tinker and Detrick.

I also worked for 18 years for DSA Inc., this is the company that did and still does the software for AUTODIN. The only site that is still open is the NGC (National Gateway Center) located at Ft. Detrick Md. I am still doing some contract testing for the NGC Detrick and
the Message Conversion System (MCS).

I designed the AUTODIN closure board. It shows all of the AUTODIN sites, their four character NARC (RUFL, RUFT, RUEO) their location, open and closure dates, and which branch of service that operated the site when it was closed.

I also designed the AUTODIN Closure coin. I am not sure if you have seen it, but it shows the DISA Logo on the front and lists all of the AUTODIN sites on the back.

I have gathered quite a bit of information/photos about AUTODIN in the past few years. I am not sure if you have any of this data or not.

I have attached jpg files of the front and back of the AUTODIN closure coin. DSA paid to have a couple of hundred of these coins made and were given out to many of the people that work at Ft. Detrick. I know that they are all gone.

I also have the original drawing of the AUTODIN closure board. I did this file in Visio so it is not easily viewed by most people.  This board is 4 by 8 feet in size and there were two boards created, Both are at Ft. Detrick. One is outside of the ASC (NGC) the other is in DISA's office.

If there is anything specific that you need, please let me know, I might have it or access to it. I worked with many of the 'old timers' and I tend to collect things.

Hope that this site expands and covers all of AUTODIN and the people that made it what it was.


Note: to view the coin go to the following link: Closure Coin

April 18, 2009

I worked in Plan 55 at Siegelbach AS, Germany from 1959 to 1963. Worked Plan 55 at McClellan AFB, CA from 1963 to 1966. Trained in to Autodin at Gentile AS, Dayton, OH in February 1971 and worked there after finishing school from March 1971 to January 1973. Worked the Weather Relay Station Fuchu Air Station A type of Autodin with Autodin Connection to Camp Drake from March 1973 to May 1976 when I retired. I worked the old style torn tape Plan 39 at Ton Son Nhut AB, Vietnam from January 1966 to January 1967.

Robert Proctor


April 18, 2009

Hi Bob...  My name is Chuck Starry.  My dad was Charles (Chuck) F. Starry, a maintenance supervisor for Western Union's Plan 55/Autodin.  Along with other Plan 55 supervisors, my dad's picture appears on your site (1957, Chattanooga, Tennessee).  My dad was stationed at Wright-Patterson, around 1960-1961, and died in March of 1965.  I was only eleven when he passed away.  My younger brother, Jim, was only two, and of course has no memory of our dad.  By chance did you know him during this time, or do you know of someone who might.  Any stories that you can share with my brother and I, would be greatly appreciated, especially for my brother, Jim, as he is very interested about our father's life.  Thanks for any information you can supply me...  Chuck Starry, Mobile, Alabama


June 18, 2009

I just discovered your AUTODIN web site.  It sure brought back some memories! 


Attached is a picture of the AUTODIN Class of 1965 in Oklahoma City.  The names of some of the class are shown on the back.  I have completely lost track of all of them, but would sure like to rekindle some friendships. 


At the completion of this class, I was assigned to Gentile, but after a couple of months returned to Tinker to be near my future (and still current) wife, whom I met in Del City while attending class.  At Tinker, I worked for Bob Pollard and then Jess Gordon.  In November 1967, I left Western Union for Philco at the Manned Space Center in Houston.  And after many exciting years in the space industry, I retired from Lockheed Martin and the legacy companies of Philco - Ford, Ford Aerospace, and Loral.


Thanks for enabling these memories, 

Ron Gantz

Note: The picture is posted under AUTODIN Class of 1965; Tinker AFB 1962-1965 page


June 18, 2009

You have created a wonderful link to our past.  It was fun reading your's and other's stories of solving problems in the center.  As I recall, it was a 24/7 job of fixing problems.  In my short tenure there, I personally learned more about the TSU than anyone really needed to know! 
Hope other Autodiners find your web site and continue to connect.
Thanks, Ron Gantz

July 23, 2009

It's wonderful to find so much information about the AUTODIN system on your website, although I have not yet seen any reference to the work on AUTODIN done at Fort Monmouth in NJ back in the 1960's.  I do hope you will continue your archiving work it is extremely interesting and worthwhile.

Best wishes,

Catherine Hall


September 2, 2009

Hard to believe it's been 20 years since we closed the Ft. Detrick Overseas AUTODIN Test Bed (The Philco/Ford Aerospace one) and many of us moved on to other things. Great web site, thanks for sharing. I have a lot of old photos and slides. As I scan them over the next year will pass some of them for this site. I recently found some ~1977 Taegu ASC and ~1980 Coltano pictures plus lots of Yokota install and Cp. Drake de-install.
1977-78 Taegu
1978-81 Coltano
1981-82 Taegu
1982-83 Ft. Detrick
1983-85 Ford Aerospace Yokota install and Cp. Drake de-install
1985-89 Ford Aerospace Depot Support
Chief Architect, Enterprise Information Technolo
Lockheed Martin IS&GS-Intelligence
Herndon, Virginia
(703) 466-3215 Work
(703) 346-9936 Cell
(888) 818-4204 Pager

Bill Lewandowski


October 15, 2009

Thank you. I don't know what else to say. My father is Edward Douglas Pierce (deceased) he was a great man who I miss. But to see his name and know what he did, I also recognize a few other names he would talk about. I will be looking at all the information you have. Again, thank you.

Damien M. Pierce



October 27, 2009

My Tech Control Facility/TCC still receives AUTODIN traffic serving
Defense Message System has not fully replaced it yet!
My dad is Ed Linek who worked McClellan and Hancock...among other
I will close the TCC when the base closes in Sept 2011.
Thomas Linek
Director of Information Management
Fort McPherson/Fort Gillem, GA


November 11, 2009

I went to England (Chicksands) in January of 1968 where I worked the Plan 55 Torn tape relay.  Several months later found me at High Wycombe Air Station where I became a computer operator for the Automated Weather Network (Univac 418 II).  From there I went to Croughton when they moved the switch from High Wycombe. I also knew Capt Joe Wilson who was the officer Autodin Programmer at Croughton.


From there I rotated back to Tinker Air Force Base where I became a member of the Communications Computer Programming Center (under Air Force Communications Services).  From there I went to Keesler AFB to become a programmer for the CONUS Autodin system (RCA ICCDP).  Graduating from there I was assigned to Global Weather at Offutt AFB (Univac 1108 and 1110).


From there I joined the Army as a Warrant Officer and went to OVERSEAS Autodin training at Fort Monmouth, NJ.  From there I was assigned to the Fort Buckner (Philco Ford) ADMS in 1975 and 1976).   From there I went to Ft, McPherson, Georgia where I worked on the MISO staff for the Commander, US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) (IBM 360 and 370).  And from there, I separated and went back to Boston to work for Incoterm (Intelligent Computer Terminals) and Prime Computer, Inc. after I was told by some PhD at Hanscom Field that I wasn’t qualified to work there (at Defense Communications Agency) working on the future development of the Autodin system (because I didn’t have a PhD) when I responded to ad add for Autodin programmers in the Boston Globe.


Larry Fortier, SSGT USAF and CW2 USA