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March 3, 2008: AUTODIN

Thanks for keeping the memory alive.


I was and AF Tech Controller at Korat from Aug 68 to Aug 69 as part of the first AF crew that officially took over from Philco Ford.


I know there used to be lots of great photo's from back then that were on the legacy site.  Sorry to see them gone.  In many ways AUTODIN was the true for-runner of the internet.

Sherman Rattner


April 11, 2008: AUTODIN

Hey Bob,

Glad to hear from you. I will check your web site again and see what's happening.  I forwarded your email on to our retired WU/Autodin breakfast club and I'm sure several of them will get in touch with you. I have most of their email addresses but hesitate to make them available unless they give me a go ahead and such. Will get back with you.

Lee Wheeler


Apr 11, 2008; Re lost AUTODIN information:

It’s a damn shame had I had a lot of stuff I sent to Don in digital form, etc. I lost it in my old computer, but have some old pix I can send you to copy, etc, if you want. Had system drawings that I am still looking for, but I am afraid it will be in vain. I will keep looking. I was talking to don the night before he died and it came as a shock when I found out. I still believe that some archives on his computer are still out there on the hard drive. I know it broke his heart when the system crashed.

Tim Tierney

Apr 21, 2008; AUTODIN

Just wondered if you got anything from the guys I forwarded the info to.  Daryl Goodwin was from Ft Buckner and Jack Van Trump was at Pirmasens, Germany.  Jack was an Honor Grad from his primary MOS class (32D20) and Daryl was right behind him.  I was the Honor grad from the night class for the same cycle and MOS.  It's a shame for Daryl but they only gave one Honor Grad position for each class.  The real bummer for Jack and me was that they had discontinued a program just weeks before we graduated.  That program gave Honor grads a skip rank promotion.  We were E3's at graduation and got an automatic E4 promotion.  It would have been really nice to have E5 in less than 1 year.

John Morton


Dec 30, 2008

I worked at the Plan 55 Center at Hickam AFB in Hawaii from 1962 to 1965 as an operator.

Roger L Raines


Jan 8, 2009

Hi All,
I started out as a Tech Controller at Guam ASC in 1980 and later was assigned as the
second OSP with Mr. Elmer Webb.
When we were told that the GUAM ASC was closing I took a GS job at Taegu ASC TCO working
for Mr. Walt Greager.  When Mr. Roger Mungin current OSP trasferred I took over the OSP
contractor slot with DSA until closing.  I was then transferred to Taegu ASC as OSP and worked there
until closing. Was then sent to Yokota ASC as OSP and stayed there until their closing was
announced and was transferred to Wahiawa ASC. Helped with their trasnsition to a DTH DMS site.
Had to leave before closing and return to Las Vegas due to my sons' medical propblem.
Later took a GS position at Pirmansens ASC as the government OSP. stayed until closing and then took
a GS position at the National Simulation Center, Ft. Leavenwork KS.
That was the last time I saw an AUTODIN/DMS center. (To bad, really missed it all.)
Ken Bortz - Las Vegas, NV


Jan 8, 2009

Guam seems to be missing from the site list. It was a major support center for the Northern and Southern Pacific Naval Fleets, as well as backup for several Asian sites. Following is an email link to Lance Goranson who would have all the info available. He was site manager for most of the time. Incidentally, he's still contracted and living on Guam. If you don't get a response let me know. Best regards,
Tino Randall
Jan 8, 2009
    Certainly glad to see that someone has picked up the torch.  Don
certainly had a lot of time and effort in it and I don't think he was done.
    I wish that I had more free time to futher explore what you've got and
perhaps provide you some input.  I managed AUTODIN for DCA/DISA from 1983
until its "closure" in 2004 although we all know that the Detrick ASC is
still going great guns having been renamed first a DTH (DMS Transition Hub)
and lastly a NGC (National Gateway Center).  Prior to 1983, I worked as an
operator and supervisor at the Hancock ASC (10 years) and the Taegu ASC (2
years).  The Hancock ASC is the Syracuse ASC (one which your home page says
you have no information on) and a good portion of the staff there moved to
Fredrick MD when Hancock closed and are working at the Detrick switch.
    I'm one of the lucky ones as I'm still very much involved with
sustaining AUTODIN, regardless of what it is called.  I am going to pass
your URL to folks like Bob Krantz, Bob Leuke, Bill Arey who should certainly
be able to provide authorative information regarding the sites you have no
information on.  Back in my government days I published a "Manager's Corner"
in the AUTODIN Monthly Report and one year did an article on all of the
remaining switches.  I will see if I can locate those and provide for your

Thanks much!


Terry Damon
DSA Consultant
DISA DMS Division
(703) 681-1356
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Jan 8, 2009
What about Augsburg, GE?
Augsburg (1971-1972) came to life to be a DSSCS run site, but by
the time they selected a place for it and got it installed and running
the DSSCS and DCA Operations people had enough info about the traffic to
realize that it was not necessary and so in a purely political move, it
was put online for a short time and then shut down and de-installed
leaving Pirmasens/Coltano and Croughton to service Europe.
Edward J. Evans
Data Systems Analysts, Inc.
Operations and System Engineering
National Gateway Center, Ft.Detrick, M
Jan 10, 2009
The spelling for Croughton is wrong at the bottom of the page.  After working 10 years at ASC Hancock, I finished by helping to close ASC Croughton after the best 4 years of my life.  Man, I miss AUTODIN.

Donnie Jackson


Jan 14, 2009

During my career I had the good fortune to work at many AUTODIN sites

Subscriber Sites
Ft. Leonard Wood TCC
RSA Carewent Wales TCC
Ft. Bragg TCC

ASC's/DTH/NGC sites
ASC Taegu
ASC Hancock
ASC/DTH Pirmasens
ASC/DTH/NGC Ft. Detrick

AUTODIN/DMS Control Centers
Global Control (Q&A while it was located at ASC Hancock)

I appreciate what you're doing with your website and if I can assist in any
small way I will try.

You indicate that you need information on a site located at Finegayan.  NCTS
Finegayan was where ASC Guam was located.  The Global Security website has a
reference to the facility:
(  I will
point out that I believe there is an error in their website, there is a
reference to AUTOVON that I believe should be AUTODIN.  It used to be a
common mistake at one time.

Is actually "Gablingen" and if I'm not mistaken was actually called ASC
Augsburg, which you have listed already.

This is actually spelt

General Information:
If you poke around Global a little you can come up with some
tidbits of information.  Here is one link I've seen before:

Good Luck with your endeavor,
Brett Stone
DSA Inc.


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