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Guest Book - 5
March 17, 2011

Hi, my name is Gerald (Jerry) Whipple.  I started in Autodin in Sep 1962 at Croughton in the Plan 55 switch (291) for two years. moved out to the receiver site for my last year at Croughton working with radio operators on the Air Op network as a crypto operator and teletype operator. I than extended my enlistment for reassignment so I could get an assignment back to the states where I hoped to figure out what I wanted to do. I received an assignment to WPAFB sure, Plan 55. spent 30 days leave back home in R.I. People talk funny there so I canceled my extension and re-enlisted for another four years. Fairborn Ohio is better then Warwick R.I. even if it's Plan 55. Received an assignment to the Pentagon in Oct 1966 work for DIA. Worked a torn tape relay in the spitcomm Y-community network. What a Charlie Foxtrot that was. Converted this torn tape relay to an automatic system call "The Dirc" Same concept as plan 55 but with the criticom/spitcom networks. (Y routing indicators) we moved from the basement in the AFSO to the 1st floor in the Pentagon in the DIA area. I worked for DIA for 6 years in the Pentagon as a crypto operator/tech controller/computer operator (primary 295) Join Service assignment, I got to go to Paris as a crypto operator. Finally I received an assignment out of DIA and the Pentagon. Cool, I put in for England and got the Philippines (Clark) again, Cool. this was 1972 and I was assigned to the ASC at DAU on Clark. Back to being a 295 in Autodin. When they found out that I had experience in the Y Community something they knew nothing about as it was being integrated in all ASC's. Yup, Stick Whipple in the back with all that weird stuff. Finally trained enough people to get me away from Y community and work the system console like a normal 295. Let me try and shorten this thing up. Left Clark 1974 to Griffiss AFB N.Y. Northern Comm Area testing new equipment. 1976 back to Clark worked at the Weather Switch. left Clark 1977 back to the Pentagon working 2044th Comm Group. Became a Autodin programmer about that time. Worked for different organizations until I retired in 1985 all in the Pentagon. Joined the Government in 1986 and worked on two systems as a system programmer. (WWMCCS) and (GCCS) until I retired from the government in 1999. All of my time with the Government (worked DISA and JDSSC) (WWMCCS and GGCS) had something to do with AUTODIN. From PTC's connection to our systems involving front end processors, MDT's SAT's etc. I wonder if your still reading this and more importantly if our going to get this e-mail so I may be added to your list of Autodiner.


I really loved it.  I was a great system. "It worked" I think it's still hanging on from what I hear.


Thanks for your time.

Jerry Whipple

Fairfax Va.


May 20, 2011

Do you know where I can buy some old 5level paper tape?
I'm an old Air Force telecommunications center operator and would love to have some foe sentimental and discussion points with other old operators from the day.
Thank you,


Mark Jurew


May 24, 2011

(Note: This follows the responses from many AUTODINERS)

Bob, thanks for including the responses as I have not been receiving them. This seems positive and I'll keep my fingers crossed. I enjoyed reading your AUTODIN section very much as it brought back many memories both good and bad. I was stationed at Lajes Field, Portugal. We had two old DSTE AUTODIN terminals that ran through Crouton. One used HF as the transport layer, which resulted in a lot of SIMs which were not manmade. sure didn't help our efficiency ratings.

Again, thanks for passing on the request.

Mark Jurew


June 3, 2011

I worked at the Ft. Buckner ASC from 72 – 73, I was supposed to go to Phu Lam, but they made it a special assignment for me when they went SI. Have the floor was booted because of all the marriages to local nationals.  I worked at Pirmasens ASC from Jan 74 to Nov 79.  That was the best time I had while I was in the military.  I worked Ops, Patch and Test and COMSEC  ß this was my primary 32G.


I saw the closure coin on the web site and was wondering what company made those,  just to see  if it would be possible to score one.  Any ideas? Thanks for the walk through memory lane.


Michael J. Wilkerson


150 E. Vandenberg St., Suite 1320

Peterson AFB, CO 80914

DSN:  692-5789

Comm:  (719) 554-5789


July 5, 2011

Hi Bob . . .

I happened to run across your ComLogNet/Autodin sites – what a blast from the past!! Thank you.


I was with RCA Camden from 1959 – 1967. Did design work on the original high (4800 baud, wow!) and low speed buffer units in front of the ADU. Later did a little work on learning the CSU too. I was one of the RCA team at Norton.


Later I end up working on terminal equipment, the Magnetic Tape Terminal Equipment (MTTE) that was started at RCA in West LA and moved back to Camden. I was involved with early MTTE installations at USAF Finance Center in Denver and Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah.


Later I did some work on a little known console processor for the CDP.


I recall working with George Douvas (Western Union) and Capt. John Downey, USAF as well as a number of the RCA gang, of course – Ron Klein, Amy Eliasoff, Joe Swaim, Jim Owings, ony Genetta, Ernie Hillman, John Reid, Walt Ross . . .


Thanks for your effort.

Al Stoughton



September 2, 2011

Does anyone still track any of these old AUTODIN memories? I’d like to add mine, and would love to see some of the pictures from back in the day. I was a maint crew chief (34d2) at Nha Trang and also at Coltano. Had some really interesting times! Left Camp Darby in summer of 1971.


You might ask on the site if anyone remembers the master clock meltdown at Coltano around 1970. Quite an adventure

Tom Tesmer


EVP Processing Opns

Cynergy Data LLC

(678) 867-6000 - o

(678) 867-6049 - f


Oct 10, 2011


Ran across your site and wish to add my name to the list. It seems like only yesterday that in September, 1967 I drove my new 67 Dodge Dart Convertible to my first job out of college at the Hawaii ASC. I remember Keith Reasoner and Bill Savering along with others very well. I left WU for good in 1975.


After 42+ years I have retired from the wireless/satellite industry and am trying to enjoy a less stressful life.


Please add this to the guest book and my name to the Autodin Alumni List.


Steve Garber Hawaii ASC 9/1967-12/69

1493 Rockfish Road

Waynesboro, VA 22980

540-649-0156 Mobile


Nov 12, 2011

I really enjoyed your web site with the information about Pirmasens. I was in the 270th Signal and worked at the switch for several years. Thanks for the memories

(SSGT) Lori Warren.
December 3, 2011
I stumbled across your web site. After reenlistment, I attended the USA Signal School at Ft. Monmouth, NJ, in 1966 to train in ADP repair. After graduation, they assigned me to the new AUTODIN program as an instructor. I worked with civilians and military to design and produce the ADMSC Maintenance Supervisor course at Ft. Monmouth. I really disliked teaching though, so I sought an assignment maintaining the school’s training switching center. I put bugs on the cards for students to trace, etc.


It was fun to be a part of the first viable email system, and it certainly kick started my career.

Robert (Bob) Little

Livingston, TX


Jan 23, 2012

I have visited several times and find your explanations intriguing. Having been part of the history certainly makes it more so.
I just wanted to thank you for putting all this together!
Jim White


Mar 26, 2012

I was a tech controller at the Norton AESC from mid-1966 until 1968. I recently posted my memories of Autodin in the Culture Blog at

Phil Ryals

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