Guest Book 4

Guest Book 4
AUTODIN and Data Communication Related Comments, and Guest Book

A listing of comments and other information received from Data Communication Trivia and AUTODIN Contributors and Visiters

July 16, 2010

Well first time I visited the site. I am amazed at how much you put into the restoration. I worked
also with don. I did many point to point dwgs for him. Drawing of old and new systems,
I lost it all when my comp went crazy. I talked to don the night before he died. He couldn’t
wait to get back into it. I had sent him a *.gif of the phoenix, the bird flying out of the flames.
He loved it and put it on many of his "restorable crashes". He had too many and I warned him
to stop tinkering. Will send what I convert to *.jpg in the next few months. I am, searching
my 1meg floppies to see if any of the documentation is available and if so will forward also.
Did a lot of work using power point which came out pretty good. Did all the drawings
for conversion to packet switching, DMS, for training.
Tim Tierney


July 27, 2010


       Thanks for picking up where Don left off. Please add me to the list of Autodiners. I started as a tech at Andrews then moved to Ft Detrick as a Site supervisor and Modem tech control supervisor. I moved on to APMO helping Jim Donnelly manage Emod-1 and managing AORTA. I left in late 1973.  Fred Schultz was kind enough to let me volunteer for the cut and I moved to Pittsburgh where I became the System Engineering manager for Datapoint Corp, AT&T, Datacard Corp, Golf Digest and finally Nextel Corp from which I retired in 2006. The Census gave me an opportunity for a one year return to the work I have always enjoyed . I have had a fun and rewarding career working in the computer industry. Many great people, lots of interesting technology, but none better than the folks in Autodin.


My home email address is

Art Pratt

Assistant Manager of Technology

Beaver Falls, Pa LCO

U.S. Census Bureau

Phone: 724-384-5081



July 28, 2010

I am the middle child (of seven) of Edward Douglas Pierce, I think most Autodiners would know him as "Doug". Thank you for this site! I can remember a lot of stories about things that I still don't understand, but was always in awe of his intelligence and responsibility. He started off with Western Union in Norfolk, VA and passed away just before realizing his dream of retirement just as the Albany facility was closing down. I have some photos, stories, and memorabilia that I will try to share when I can. Thanks again, and am looking forward to hearing from some of the Albany group in the future.

Thanks again, Kevin "Douglas" Pierce


Aug 31, 2010

For the first time ever, I did a Google Search on my name (Erv Nork) and up came your Gentile AutoDin docs.
I don't remember you, but do most of the others.
Are you still keeping in touch with any of the troops?
I worked with Wayne Shadwick and Ralph Rolseth in
Chicago, on a Blue Cross (Honeywell200, Univac418) site that was maintained by Western Union.  I knew Wayne had died, but Ralph was a surprise to me (terrific guy).  I left them for RCA in about 1966, and went on to spend many years with several Computer Manufacturers, the last being equoia
(which was a fault-tolerant machine).
Thanks for the memory jog!

Erwin Nork


Sept, 19, 2010

GREAT website! When you get a chance, you might want to link to Lino Paoletti's 1975 AUTODIN paper: .

Patrick Sullivan


October 6, 2010

I was located at Tinker from 1963 through 1995.  I provided some vacation relief to Tague, Yokota, and Pirmasens after WU (or whoever the later names were) took over maintenance of the AUTODIN centers.


  From there I went to Yokota until they closed in 1999.  Don Downing was the site manager, and I think he had been the manager while the Air Force had maintained the site.  While at Yokota, we lived in what had been base housing for the Tachikawa AB.  The base had been turned back to the Japanese and the housing was being managed by a local owner.  Most of the base itself had been converted to a beautiful park.


  While at Tinker, we had a line to Camp Drake, which I think was moved to Yokota.  At this point, I am not sure if Camp Drake was in Japan or Vietnam.


  After Yokota, I went to McClellan, then to Hancock to help provide manning until they closed.


  From there, I joined a couple of other groups within GSD and helped with the installation of digital telephones in US embassies overseas, then with surveys of FBI sites for computer networks.  (Airline flying got extra interesting during that time period after 9/11.)


  We had not sold the house that we had while I was working at Tinker, so when I retired, we returned and settled back in.  I began doing volunteer work here at the church.  Mostly I try to keep the computers working properly, which has earned me the title of IT Manager.  Sandra has also volunteered and can also usually be found at church most days.


  We have breakfast once a month with various former AUTODIN people who are still in the area, some WU, some operations, and some crypto.  The stories are still interesting.


  Thank you for your time, Max - J




Oct 25, 2010

1972-4, I was at Pirmasens. ASR 12hours a day!!!

Would love to connect to anyone from that time period.  I am in touch with Linda Matthews and Calvin Liller. Lost track of James W Putney and Trey Shayffer. I still have my insignia and the goodbye mug with my name and signal emblem.  Currently in California after 26 years around Cambridge, Massachusetts. Best to you on the 150th anniversary.
Marianne Donnelly
(831)454-6333  details  24/7


Nov 8, 2010

Coltano ASC – Patch and Test: 1979 – 1980 and 1982 – 1985


I completed Tech Control training at Fort Gordon in the spring of 78. From there, I

and a large group of tech controllers were sent to Fort Bragg for what was always rumored

to be staffing for a SW Comm Center much Like Detrick. Needless to say, that never occurred.

We hoped we would at least staff TRI-TAC, but that passed also as all of the equipment was

in bad shape and over-kill for 25th Signal Bn.


After a year of hell cross-trained as a 31M, I was sent to AUTODIN School at Fort Gordon and

then assigned to Coltano. I worked Patch and Test as a 32D20H4 for a year under SFC Daubenhauer until my enlistment expired in 1980 (pay back for Bragg).


I reenlisted. in 1981 and requested a reassignment back to Coltano. My request was granted

and I returned to Patch and Test until 1985. While there, I met my lovely wife Katrina (Brunette 72G), who eventually joined me at Fort Monmouth (JITF-JTC3A) until we both left the service in the spring of 1986 to raise a family.


Since that time, I have worked as a radio newsman and in the Cable Television industry where I currently find myself responsible for business coax video, data, and phone installation

and service (once Commo, always Commo).


We will never forget Coltano, Camp Darby, surrounding area, or the many marvelous characters we met while serving. We only have contact with a few these days, John Scott, David Toy, Bonnie Carlson, and Laura (Kinney) Hood, but our memories will last until the end.


SSG Bill White


January 15, 2011

I was one of the GI's that started up Coltano Autodin site in the spring of 1969. The local terminal RUFLCTA was an IBM 370/30?.


See if any one remembers this.





Clear Load PA  Run Advance


Former Sp6 Andy Vincent


January 31, 2011


I can fill in a great deal about enhancements from 1980-2011 for AUTODIN -- I worked on and/or managed all of them and still do...although we are truly in "Maint Mode" now.


I have worked for DSA since early 1973 (still do) and still work on AUTODIN among other things.



Ned Evans


February 3, 2011

Bob -
It will take me a little while to organize updates to various of the
existing pages and maybe a little more (like 1980's/90's
upgrades/enhancements you wanted info on) so it will be several
weeks+, but I would like to help as I am impressed with this site and
I thank you (and the others) for all of your efforts.

AUTODIN is still running at Detrick you know, we call it the
"National Gateway Center" now but it is still the AUTODIN
hardware/software (software version E-18 and has been on-line since
1996), although it is just idling along mostly at about 5 million
messages/month (at its peak Detrick alone did 15.9 million during
Desert Storm January 1991).

We would like to get a replacement system but budgets and bureaucracy
keep getting in the way and so it just keeps on purring.

I will get back to you in a while when I get something together for

If you see or talk to Jim Keenan say "Hi" to him for me.


Ned Evans


March 6, 2011

My name is Terry Gypins Landers and my father worked at Tinker AFB in the 60's while my family lived in
Oklahoma.  Subsequently my father was relocated to Fort Detrick.  My father passed away in 1975 and recently my mother passed away and I found some old Western Union Training Center
photos of class participants while going through her things.  I also have a photo from December 1962 of my father with a "AF DATACOM" display.  Please let me know if you would like copies of these for your website.  Thanks.

Terry Gypins Landers





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