A Data Communication Historical Series


These web pages concerning AUTODIN are being presented in honor of Don Holtzclaw for his past efforts in developing the original  AUTODIN Legacy Project, and to keep some of the information gathered by Don available to those interested individuals.


  Shortly after Don passed away the Legacy AUTODIN Web Site became in-active and was no longer accessible by the outside world.


   I, among many other individuals, assisted Don in the development of the AUTODIN Legacy Project Web Site and during that period I archived a portion of the information posted by Don at his web site. This limited amount of archived information will be presented in these Web Pages first. Then the content and number of web pages will be expanded in order to assemble and present, not only the previous existing information, but also any additional information that becomes available.


    Any input is welcome since I do not have all the information about the various AUTODIN Sites and/or individuals.


Bob Pollard


Arlington, McLean, Chantilly

          Albany: 1965-1997             


Fort Detrick     Ft Buckner    Gentile 1962 - 1965


Gentile 1966-Close      Hawaii       Korat AFB


McClellan AFB 1961-1965   McLellan 1966-Close


Norton AFB 1962-1964   Norton AFB 1965-Close


Phu Lam, Vietnam          Pirmasens, Germany


Tinker AFB 1962-1965   Tinker AFB 1966-Close


Andrews AFB 1962-1999   Clark AFB    Coltano 


Wildwood      Yokota      Hancock (Syracuse) 


Guam (Finegayan)    Augsburg (Gablingen)   Croughton


Taegu      Camp Drake


No information available on the following Site:

Nha Trang 


Link to Lino Paoletti's 1975 AUTODIN paper:



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