This site provides access to a variety of items and information including: AUTODIN, Data Communication Trivia, Data Communication Glossary, Internet acronyms, Art  Pollard and Jokes 

Art Pollard

Art: Indy 1973
This link will take you to the Art Pollard web site. This site covers Art Pollard’s racing career and provides a little biographical information.


A comprehensive overview of the AUTODIN (Automatic Digital Network) system, from the beginning to the end; including personal stories written by the individuals that worked within the AUTODIN system.





Jokes received / collected via Email

A variety of Jokes collected from many E-mail messages are provided for your enjoyment.



Personal stories

This page provides a few stories about my life in the data communication and business world.


 Data Communication Trivia

A complete historical overview, from the beginning to 2003, of the Data Communication world.


 Data Communication Glossary

A comprehensive Data Communication glossary; from the beginning to about 2003.


 Internet ACRONYMS

Since Internet acronyms (abbreviations) are not covered in the Data Communication glossary, this section provides an overview of the acronyms used when conversing over the internet or other texting media.


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