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Best films of the year, top all-time lists, movie rankings by Matt Donath

My Internet Movie Database (IMDb) movie ratings list: A listing of 1-10 ratings for various films I've seen. Of course I tend to change my mind about these.

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My Picks For Best Picture of the Year

Year Films

1914 Gertie the Dinosaur

1915 Birth of a Nation

1916 Intolerance

1917 The Immigrant  (The Cure)

1918 Stella Maris  (A Dog's Life)

1919 Broken Blossoms

1920 Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  

1921 The Kid  (Destiny) (The Sheik) (Leaves From Satan's Book)

1922 Foolish Wives  (Nosferatu) (Nanook of the North)

1923 Safety Last  (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) (Scaramouche) (A Woman of Paris)

1924 Greed  (The Thief of Bagdad)

1925 The Big Parade (The Gold Rush) (Battleship Potompkin)

1926 Flesh and the Devil

1927 Sunrise (The General) (Metropolis) (Wings)

1928 Spione  (The Crowd) (The Circus) (Divine Woman)

1929 Pandora's Box (Blackmail) (Eternal Love)

1930 All Quiet On The Western Front (Der Blaue Engel) (Westfront 1918) (Under the Roofs of Paris)

1931 A Nous La Liberte  (Little Caesar) (The Front Page) (The Public Enemy) (M) (City Lights) (Marius) (Street Scene)

1932 Scarface  (Fanny) (Trouble in Paradise) (Red Dust) (Rain)

1933 King Kong (Queen Christina) (42nd Street) (Dinner at Eight)

1934 It Happend One Night (L'Atalante) (Our Daily Bread) (The Thin Man) (Twentieth Century)

1935 The 39 Steps  (Top Hat) (Lives Of A Bengal Lancer) (Mutiny On The Bounty) (Ruggles of Red Gap) (The Informer)

1936 Dodsworth (My Man Godfrey) (Modern Times) (Mr. Deeds Goes To Town) (Cesar)

1937 Grand Illusion (The Good Earth) (A Star is Born) (Stella Dallas) (Drole De Drame)

1938 You Can't Take It With You  (Holiday) (Bringing Up Baby) (La Bête Humaine)

1939 La Regle Du Jeu  (Gone With The Wind) (Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) (Stagecoach)

1940 The Philiadelphia Story (The Mortal Storm) (Rebecca) (Grapes of Wrath) (Fantasia) (Pride and Prejudice)

1941 Citizen Kane (The Maltese Falcon) (Suspicion) (Meet John Doe) (The Shanghai Gesture)

1942 Casablanca (Magnificent Ambersons) (Mrs. Miniver) (Talk Of The Town) (Sullivan's Travels)

1943 Shadow of a Doubt (Heaven Can Wait) (Hangmen Also Die)

1944 Laura (Miracle of Morgan's Creek) (Double Indemnity) (Arsenic and Old Lace) (On Approval)

1945 Les Enfants du Paradis (Spellbound) (Lost Weekend) (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) (Mildred Pierce)

1946 It's A Wonderful Life (Open City) (The Big Sleep) (Gilda) (Notorious) (The Razor's Edge)

1947 Out of the Past (Germany Year Zero) (Odd Man Out) (Miracle on 34th Street) (The Egg and I)

1948 Bicycle Thieves (The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre) (La Terra Trema) (Red River) (Germany Year Zero)

1949 The Third Man (White Heat) (All The King's Men) (The Queen of Spades) (The Setup)

1950 Rashomon (Sunset Boulevard) (Los Olvidados) (All About Eve) (Panic in the Streets) (Winchester '73)

1951 The African Queen (Streetcar Named Desire) (Strangers on a Train) (Ace In The Hole) (People Will Talk)

1952 Ikiru (The Bad And The Beautiful) (Umberto D) (The Quiet Man) (Importance of Being Earnest) (5 Fingers)

1953 Wages of Fear  Ugetsu Monogatari (Stalag 17) (From Here To Eternity)

1954 The Seven Samurai (The Caine Mutiny) (Rear Window) (La Strada)

1955 Smiles of a Summer Night (Pather Panchali) (Les Diaboliques) (Bad Day At Black Rock)

1956 Aparajito (Baby Doll) (The Searchers) (The Killing)

1957 The Seventh Seal (Wild Strawberries) (Paths of Glory) (Nights of Cabiria) (Sweet Smell of Success)

1958 Vertigo (The Hidden Fortress) (The Defiant Ones)

1959 The 400 Blows (Anatomy of a Murder) (North By Northwest) (World of Apu) (Some Like It Hot)

1960 Psycho (Spartacus) (Rocco and His Brothers) (The Apartment) (Elmer Gantry) (The Virgin Spring) (L'Avventura)

1961 The Hustler (Viridiana) (Yojimbo) (One Eyed Jacks) (One Two Three)

1962 Lolita (Lawrence of Arabia) (The Exterminating Angel) (Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) (Days Of Wine And Roses) (L'Eclisse)

1963 America, America (Tom Jones) (Charade) (8 1/2) (Hud) (The Leopard)

1964 Dr Strangelove (The Train) (Seven Days in May) (Woman of the Dunes) (Mary Poppins) (Zorba the Greek) (The Americanization of Emily)

1965 Doctor Zhivago (Juliet of the Spirits) (Repulsion) (Fistful of Dollars) (Shop On Main Street) (Morituri)

1966 Closely Watched Trains  (The Good The Bad and the Ugly) (The Sand Pebbles) (Persona) (Au hasard Balthazar)

1967 Playtime (The Graduate) (In Cold Blood) (Cool Hand Luke) (Belle de Jour)

1968 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stolen Kisses) (The Producers) (The Lion in Winter) (Rosemary's Baby)

1969 Once Upon a Time in the West (Midnight Cowboy) (True Grit)

1970 Patton  (Days and Nights in the Forest) (THX-1138) (Five Easy Pieces)

1971 A Clockwork Orange (The Last Picture Show) (Harold and Maude) (The French Connection) (Sorrow and the Pity)

1972 The Godfather  (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie) (Roma) (Cabaret)

1973 American Graffiti (Don't Look Now) (Badlands) (Day For Night) (The Sting) (Papillon) (Amarcord)

1974 The Godfather Part Two (Chinatown) (The Conversation)

1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Dersu Uzala) (Barry Lyndon) (Dog Day Afternoon)

1976 Taxi Driver (All The President's Men) (Small Change)

1977 Annie Hall (Star Wars) (One Sings, the Other Doesn't) (Man of Marble) (Saturday Night Fever)

1978 The Deer Hunter  (The Last Waltz) (Gates of Heaven) (An Unmarried Woman) (Days of Heaven)

1979 Apocalypse Now (Wise Blood) (Manhattan) (The Tin Drum) (Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears)

1980 The Shining (Stardust Memories) (Empire Strikes Back) (Raging Bull)

1981 My Dinner With Andre (Diva) (Gallipoli) (Coup de Torchon)

1982 Fanny and Alexander (Time Stands Still) (Blade Runner) (Year of Living Dangerously)

1983 Ballad of Narayama (Return of the Jedi) (El Norte) (Scarface)

1984 Carmen (The Bounty) (Streetwise) (Jewel In The Crown)

1985 After Hours  (Brazil) (My Life As A Dog) (28 Up)

1986 Jean de Florette (Manon des sources) (Hannah and Her Sisters) (Color of Money) (Tampopo) (Sid and Nancy)

1987 Dekalog (Babette's Feast) (Raising Arizona) (Full Metal Jacket) (Empire of the Sun)

1988 The Last Temptation of Christ (The Vanishing)

1989 Drugstore Cowboy (Heathers) (Lonesome Dove) (Our Town)

1990 Goodfellas (Miller's Crossing) (Metropolitan) (The Civil War)

1991 Beauty and the Beast (Barton Fink) (Silence of the Lambs)

1992 The Player (Husbands and Wives) (Glengarry Glen Ross)

1993 Blue (Short Cuts) (Eat Drink Man Woman) (Groundhog Day) (François Truffaut: Portraits volés )

1994 Hoop Dreams (Pulp Fiction) (Crumb) (White) (Red) (Ed Wood) (Shawshank Redemption)

1995 Seven (The Usual Suspects) (Pride and Prejudice) (Kids) (Persuasion) (Clueless) (12 Monkeys)

1996 Comrades: Almost A Love Story (Emma) (English Patient) (Fargo) (Big Night)

1997 Wolves Cry Under The Moon (Love Go Go) (L.A. Confidential) (Vor) (Life is Beautiful) (Gattaca)

1998 American History X (The Truman Show) (Saving Private Ryan) (Run Lola Run)

1999 The Sixth Sense (American Beauty) (Eyes Wide Shut) (Fight Club)

2000 Memento (Ghost World) (Crime and Punishment In Suburbia) (Traffic)

2001 Spirited Away  (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) (The Royal Tenenbaums) (Amélie)

2002 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (About Schmidt) (The Hours) (Far From Heaven) (Narc)

2003 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Touching the Void) (Fear and Trembling)

2004 A Very Long Engagement (Howl's Moving Castle) (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) (Sideways)

2005 (Grizzly Man) (No Direction Home) (Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith)

2006 (Children of Men)