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t to know what song is playing without having to look at the mac ?
songAnnouncer will tell you which song is playing once the song starts. 

See our youtube video here:

You will actually HEAR the name and artist of the next song

✓ perfect for groups who want to know what's playing (parties)
✓ displays lyrics of the current song
✓ can be controlled remotely from any browser
✓ 10 sec intro mode for songs
✓ It's like having a DJ announcing the next song. 
✓ Hear the name and artist of the song that is playing. 
✓ No need to interrupt you current work. 
✓ Play the first 10 seconds of each song in a playlist 
✓ Use any browser as a remote control of the music player 
✓ Keep an eye on the song lyrics in a separate window 
✓ Control iTunes from a miniPlayer in the top bar

Get it here: