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Are you annoyed of having too many double songs in your iTunes library ?

deDuper is your iTunes duplicates manager. It will find all your duplicate songs and remove them in 3 simple steps. It will also regain the disk space taken by those duplicate songs.

deDuper will find your duplicate tracks in 3 easy steps :

1. find duplicate tracks. deDuper will find exact duplicates, near duplicates (same song different time) and near duplicates (same song , different version).

2. Tracks will be gathered in 3 different groups of duplicates

3. Delete - remove duplicate tracks from iTunes and move their files to the Trash. You have also the option to define a duplicate playlist and delete the tracks from there (ALt-Delete) e duplicate songs from you iTunes library with deDuper.

✓ find same songs by name  , artists and album
✓ fuzzy search by  name , artists and lenght of songs (+/- 5 seconds)
✓ remove tracks directly from deDuper or create a n iTunes playlist
✓ move files to Trash for safe deletion

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