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Updates for Week starting May 14th (including Open House)

posted May 13, 2018, 11:05 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated May 14, 2018, 5:03 AM ]
Dear Biology student, plase note the following:

A. Pending assignments:
1. Homework - Proteins (Google Classroom 6.2.1)
2. DNA Quiz - unless you already turned in in. 
- Wish to improve your score? Any lunch this week would work.
3. (Periods 1,5,6) Forum: Proteins and genetic disorders.

B. Materials needed:
1. Tissues - desperate!
2. Printing paper

C. Open House Preparation:
- You may prepare a poster at home. But you don't need to.
- Come to lunch consistantly this week, to prepare multiple stations, as needed. 

- Additional points will be given to particiaption in open house, comparing to writing na essay
- Essay will be due on Thursday, preferably - typed and printed.
- If you plan to present, you may adjust what you are planning to say based ont he display that will be prepared. 

3. Refreshments - feel frro to start dropping off refershments (Cookies, etc.), startign tomorrow (Monday).

4. Classrom setup on Thursday - sign up will be available on Wednesday.

5. The MOST important factor for Open House success, is PARENTS - please try to attend!
- Extra credit for simply attending
- More extra credit for refelcting in writing after your visit ("Home Science Talk")
- Promising you a interesting learning experience of biology!

:Looking forward to seeing your parents on Open House!

Dr. Kreiselman