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Before the week starting 09.11.17

posted Sep 10, 2017, 10:32 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN
1. I finally finished grading the "Sammy" retakes / late works. Sorry it took so long! Last week was very rushed with the 4-week report, notebook checking, that it had to wait for the weekend, and on my weekend, 'family comes first'. But now it is done. Very few got lower scores on the retake, and the great majority improved significantly. Way to go.
(I no longer accept any Sammy quizzes. If you were planning to improve and did not. Wait for the next assessment on Virus to improve your grade).
2. VIRUSES will be our focus in the next couple of days. Please do NOT forget to submit your evidence T-chart! Due: Tonight.
3. Honors biology: I just posted a FORUM prompt. If this works, it will be the style from here on - current event(s) to respond to, and questions / comments on recent lessons.
(Later: There is an example answer to help you choose what to say). 
4. A couple of individuals took advantage of the "Home Science Talk" - feel invited to this opportunity, as well!

5. (added later) The questions about membranes are now answered. Feel free to check it out. Students had some really awesome questions, that showed insights into living systems, that I thought it would be too early to expect!

See you all tomorrow!

Dr. Kreiselman