Updates before Week of 03.19.18

posted Mar 18, 2018, 7:37 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Mar 18, 2018, 9:54 AM ]

Dear Biology student, please note:

1) Homework - Santhi Articles - turn in on Monday, if you did not do so already.
This assignment will NOT be accepted after Monday!

2) "Cross Dressing or Crossing Over?" - 
Part ONE 1-8
Part TWO 9-15
Is due on Monday. 
(If you already returned in part one, do not worry. it is waiting for you in the class folder)

A. Please do not forget to bring your plicker card on Monday! If you lost it, send me a Jupiter, mesage, so I can print one for you. We will use it on Monday, and I won't have the time to make another then.
B. Plicker-QUIZ:
You will be tested on your understanding of the biology behind Santhi's case usingthe plickers in thebeginning of hte period! To help you aoivd errors, I prepared an answer KEY to the slide who questions. 

4) How to prepare for our discussion?
In your group, at first, you will have to develop answers (in a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning format) to the following questions:
A. Should Santhi be allowed to compete as a female?
B. What are the reasons for your decision? (biology only!)
C. What could be the reasons why someone would think opposite than you? (biology only!)
D. How would you convince the opposite side that your decision is better? *biology only!)
E. Whatever you decide (or assigned to defend) - How would you assist the people that might suffer from your decision? (This is the ONLY part when you can talk about the sociological, psychological impacts of your decision)

NOTE: The side your group will take might be assigned to you, to create a balanced discussion. Therefore, you will need to understand the biological basis for BOTH views.

6) Interested in the subject? 
* Check out another case - of 

Caster Semenya, who failed a testosteron test in 2009. Is Santhi's case the same or different? Should there be a distinction between the two?

* Take a look at the click and learn from HHMI. (it has been taken off their website for updates. So I can't tell what they corrected). 

* Do your own research!

7) INFOGRAPHIC - Antibiotic Resistance: I am still accepting those. Later today I will update Jupiter for who turned it in or not. Please check your Jupiter record. (Periods 1,5,6, and a few otyher students that chose to do this)

8) FORUM - Week 10-11: is ON. EXTRA points for answering on Sunday!

Looking forward to our discussion tomorrow!

Dr. Kreiselman

Updates for Week of 03.12.18

posted Mar 12, 2018, 3:33 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Mar 12, 2018, 3:42 PM ]

1) Genetics Anticipation Guide:
Please submit the same answers on the handout into Google form
- You may answer it ONCE
- You are encouraged to share this form with other members of your household/community. BUT please do NOT ask another students from my class. 
- 20 extra points for each entry.
DUE: No later than Saturday 03.17.18!

2) Homework: Chromosomes and DNA
See Google Classroom
Due: Wednesday 03.14.18

3) From the Antibiotic Unit:
* Quiz Improvement - available during lunch
* Gapless Explanation - submit or resubmit
* Investigation 4 (simulation) - improve by Thursday. 

Updates Weekend of 03.03.18

posted Mar 3, 2018, 9:46 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Mar 4, 2018, 6:17 AM ]

To Do List:

1) Investigation 7
- see previous announcemnts

2) Petri dish Explanation: 

Please write your full explanation on the back of the handout we used in class.

3) INFOGRAPHIC project - See new assignment on Google classroom
This is OPTIONAL for periods 2, 4 (due to lack of time, not to lack of ability and telent!)

If you still didn't tell me who your team is, please send me a message ASAP. You can tell me your team or ask me for assistance.

4) Quiz Review - Will be written on Sunday. 

Optioanl/Extra Credit Options:

5) Petri Dish Lab Report: 
- Turn in through Google classroom (same assignment as the shared photos of your Petri dishes)
- Optional (You won't lose points for not turning it in. But it is not for extra credit)

6) Home Science talk 
- Extra cedit, as always.

Enjoy the weekend!

Dr. Kreiselman

Announcements before Friday, March 2nd

posted Mar 1, 2018, 3:05 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN

PLease note:

1. Handout from Investigation 4: If you did not turn it in today - then tomorrow, Friday, all but question 10. 

2. If you haven't yet submitted your slide show for Investigation 4, I am still accepting it.
Overall you should have submitted THREE documents:
Planning (online or handwritten); 
Graph collection draft; 
Slide show;

3. Periods 1,2 only: Handout from the Petri dish experiment: It would be best if we worked on it in class tomorrow. But answer part I, the description of the experiment and the results.
- Periods 4,5, 6 will receive this handout tomorrow. 

4. We will return to draw our final models of Addie's case tomorrow. During that time, I will check JOURNALS from the last week. The following link has the powerpoint presentation you need. 

4. Period 1,5,6 only - Forum on infographics - no later than tonight (Thursday)
- You can choose your team from any of the three periods (1,2, or 3 per project)
- You will be given 10 days to complete the infographic.

Announcements for Weekend of 02.24.18

posted Feb 23, 2018, 12:42 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Feb 24, 2018, 6:37 PM ]

To Do List for Biology:
1. Simulation of infection and treatment
- Complete all questions of investigation 1 - cover any blanks you left behind. 
- Complete all questions of investigation 2
(If you have any trouble with calculations, let me know. I briefly explained in class)
- Complete investigation 3 - Please use a dose of "100" (not 200) for the antibiotic. 

NOTE: At any point, if you are not sure about  something, post a class comment, private comment on the assignemnt or sned me a Jupiter message.  Whichever is convenient for you. 

- I will collect the packets on Monday, so be ready with everything filled, as best you can!
- We will have a QUIZ next week that addresses messages from both lab and simulation. 
(I'll try to write a review guide, or simply share the quiz with everyone online).

2. Homework: DNA, Genes and Mutations- Cancelled (for instructional reasons)

3. (Periods 1,5,6): 
Forum Week 6 - by Satuday night.
Forum Week 7 - Infographics - building criteria for ouir project.

Extra credit options:
Extra credit home swab test:

We have a bunch of extra Petri dishes, including some of the larger ones from the school swab test. You can take a couple with you (as well as sterile cotton swabs) to your home and compare swab tests of surfaces at home, or test food-based materials, or even your spit! A project like this will go into test/projects in your grade.

I don't mind writing an assignment just for that,  But so far no one asked for the materials. 

Home Science Talk:
I am hoping that your experiences in our class give you somethign to talk abotu with your parents/guardians and other family members. 
For example, you can 
- show them the photo of your Petri dish results
- try out the simulation from lesson 7
- make connections to Addie and other cases you or your parents may have heard about antibiotics, use and mis-use. 

Announcements for Week of 02.20.18

posted Feb 19, 2018, 1:53 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Feb 20, 2018, 2:50 PM ]

Please read the following instructions carefully:

Lesson 5 (lab):
Nothing for you to prepare. Just be ready to quickly look at your group's results of 5A (three antibiotic concentrations), share it, and start the next step of the experiment. 

Lesson 6: Explanatory Model
- Write and draw your own explanation to the following questions:
A. What caused Addie to feel better, een temporarily? (how did antibiotics work in her favor?)
B. What caused Addie to fell worse again afterwards? (How did antibiotic resistance develop?)
- Come prepared to finish the poster with your group - If not finished, your group must meet at lunch to complete!

Lesson 7: Computer simulation
Please help me (and get extra credit) by printing:

Answer sheet pages (7): Google Slides or PDF

Directions sheets (5) - only if you have a colored printerGoogle Slides or PDF
DUE: WEDNESDAY, Better TONIGHT (Monday night)

More extra credit? 
Why not take a couple of agar petri dishes and swab places in your own home? Then summarize what you find out in a sinple report and get plenty of credit! (Please note, the amount of extra plates is limited, so don't wait too long!).

FORUM for periods 1,5,6: Please check later tonight for updates.

Weekend before 02.12.18

posted Feb 11, 2018, 12:37 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Feb 11, 2018, 9:45 PM ]

Dear student, please consider the following:

Lesson 3 - School swab test:
We have a few Petri dishes left from this batch, that can be usde for a 'redo', or for a make up - if you were absnet last Monday (Feb 5). Please let me know ASAP if you wish that I save a petri dish or two for you (can be a team of your choice, up to 3 students).

Journal check: If you were absent on Wednesday, 02.07.18, and you have journals from 02.05 and 02.06 that I need to check - please make sure to get those points TOMORROW (Monday 02.12.18)

On a side comment - I am inlcuding other types of tasks in this category, such as exit tickets, post-it comments on the "Parking lot" boards. Please take advantage of the latter, gain extyra points and keep our discussion alive!

Bacteria Math (Lesson 3b, Parts 2-3):
Periods 1,5,6:
Please don't forget to PRINT the packet titled "Lesson 2.3b Parts TWO-THREE!
- You may want to try to fill it out yourself (for e.c.) and we will go over the calculations and graphs in class. . 
Periods 2m4: Hard copies were provided to you and were kept for you to use in class on Monday 02.12.18.

Week of 02.05.18

posted Feb 4, 2018, 10:48 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Feb 4, 2018, 3:11 PM ]

Tasks for Weekend of 02.03.18:
Please be reminded to fill out the SURVEY of antibiotic use ASAP. 
For Full credit: At least THREE people, including yourself. - 60 assignment points.
+ 20 more for each additional person you interview.
(NOTE: Please write your name under "student", last, first)

Due: MONDAY NIGHT (If turned in after Sunday at 3 pm, will be marked missing until Tuesday morning)
We will use the results of the survey on Tuesday and Wednesday. After this, there will be no make ups.

2) Quiz can still be improved during lunch until Wednesday 02.07.18. If you are coming tomorrow (Monday), you may need to go to Mrs. Mallick while I am at a Magnet meeting. 
CER of human phylogenetic tree can be improved by Wednesday as well. 

Please check your messages later for further updates.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Dr. Kreiselman

Week of 01.29.18

posted Jan 29, 2018, 12:01 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Jan 29, 2018, 6:09 AM ]

Dear biology student,
(Blue text was added Monday morning)

My son got the flu, which will keep me at home tomorrow. Meantime, here are a few updates:
A. Grades are up todate, but are NOT final. You can still improve your quiz scores, your group's human evoluiton report, turn in the review guide. If you ask - Journals that I check , CANNOT be made up, unless you bring an official paper from the office confirming that you cleared your absence.
B. The way to improve test scores is to come at lunch Tuesday and / or Web and /or Thursday, and explain each mistake you made, considering the answer key. You will get half the points back for each question you answered. You may also improve questions 15-18 for full credit.

Today (Monday) the sub will be asked to give back the scantrons - you can remind her/him if needed. You can already work revise your answers to the two writing questions (15-18). I wrote comments you probably want to read before your do so. They are in this document (also linked to the Google classroom quiz review assignment)
C. Materials donation:
I now have enough ziock bags, but gloves are still in need (-: And I will never refuse printing paper. 
D. Tomorrow a bunch of you will be on a field trip to the California Science Center
I wish all trip goers to have a fantastic time!

Meantime, it is a perfect day to show the 30 minute movie "The Day the Mesozoic Day Died" about the compelling evidence for what might have caused the great extinction that included the dinosoars. I am sharing the movie and the notes handout on Google classroom for absentees and whoever is interested.

(The Spanish translated versions of the movie and handout  (only the last two pages) are also linked, in case it helps the home science talk follow up)

Let's make the video notes due by Thursday for absentee students.

E. "Home Science Talks" is always ON - this time you can watch the new movie together and discuss it. 
F. Please prepare your NOTEBOOK for checking - orgaization only, not for journals. Attach returned papers (not packets), number pages, Table of Contents. 

Dr. Kreiselman

Week of 01.22.18

posted Jan 24, 2018, 6:55 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN

Human Evolution through Skull analysis:

1. Complete your group cladogram, upload it to Google Classroom 1.4.3
2. Add a CLAIM and REASONING - either within the white board or types directly into the slide 
(will be done in class on Thursday 01.25.18).
3. If interested in extra credit - turn your work into a paper poster for classroom display (By Friday)

Quiz: Evolutionary Trees, Huamn Evolution (light)
4. Review guide - answer by Friday (Google classroom / Homework)
5. Quiz: Friday

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