August 2018: Welcome Students and Parents!

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I hope you had a pleasant and satisfying summer break. 

This website is my 'old' one, while a new Google site for our course is under construction. 

Moreoever, most or all of our course-related materials will be handled through Schoology. 

However, meanwhile, until we get all students on board schoology, we can use this website as a back up.

Please answer the following questionnaire:

Biology students- Opening Questionnaire

Homeroom students - Opening Questionnaire                       

Week of 02.05.18

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Tasks for Weekend of 02.03.18:
Please be reminded to fill out the SURVEY of antibiotic use ASAP. 
For Full credit: At least THREE people, including yourself. - 60 assignment points.
+ 20 more for each additional person you interview.
(NOTE: Please write your name under "student", last, first)

Due: MONDAY NIGHT (If turned in after Sunday at 3 pm, will be marked missing until Tuesday morning)
We will use the results of the survey on Tuesday and Wednesday. After this, there will be no make ups.

2) Quiz can still be improved during lunch until Wednesday 02.07.18. If you are coming tomorrow (Monday), you may need to go to Mrs. Mallick while I am at a Magnet meeting. 
CER of human phylogenetic tree can be improved by Wednesday as well. 

Please check your messages later for further updates.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Dr. Kreiselman

Week of 01.29.18

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Dear biology student,
(Blue text was added Monday morning)

My son got the flu, which will keep me at home tomorrow. Meantime, here are a few updates:
A. Grades are up todate, but are NOT final. You can still improve your quiz scores, your group's human evoluiton report, turn in the review guide. If you ask - Journals that I check , CANNOT be made up, unless you bring an official paper from the office confirming that you cleared your absence.
B. The way to improve test scores is to come at lunch Tuesday and / or Web and /or Thursday, and explain each mistake you made, considering the answer key. You will get half the points back for each question you answered. You may also improve questions 15-18 for full credit.

Today (Monday) the sub will be asked to give back the scantrons - you can remind her/him if needed. You can already work revise your answers to the two writing questions (15-18). I wrote comments you probably want to read before your do so. They are in this document (also linked to the Google classroom quiz review assignment)
C. Materials donation:
I now have enough ziock bags, but gloves are still in need (-: And I will never refuse printing paper. 
D. Tomorrow a bunch of you will be on a field trip to the California Science Center
I wish all trip goers to have a fantastic time!

Meantime, it is a perfect day to show the 30 minute movie "The Day the Mesozoic Day Died" about the compelling evidence for what might have caused the great extinction that included the dinosoars. I am sharing the movie and the notes handout on Google classroom for absentees and whoever is interested.

(The Spanish translated versions of the movie and handout  (only the last two pages) are also linked, in case it helps the home science talk follow up)

Let's make the video notes due by Thursday for absentee students.

E. "Home Science Talks" is always ON - this time you can watch the new movie together and discuss it. 
F. Please prepare your NOTEBOOK for checking - orgaization only, not for journals. Attach returned papers (not packets), number pages, Table of Contents. 

Dr. Kreiselman

Week of 01.22.18

posted Jan 24, 2018, 6:55 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN

Human Evolution through Skull analysis:

1. Complete your group cladogram, upload it to Google Classroom 1.4.3
2. Add a CLAIM and REASONING - either within the white board or types directly into the slide 
(will be done in class on Thursday 01.25.18).
3. If interested in extra credit - turn your work into a paper poster for classroom display (By Friday)

Quiz: Evolutionary Trees, Huamn Evolution (light)
4. Review guide - answer by Friday (Google classroom / Homework)
5. Quiz: Friday

Weekend of 01.13.18

posted Jan 20, 2018, 6:13 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Jan 20, 2018, 9:12 PM ]

- No additional homework was assigned this weekend, except:
* Completing the quickwrite from the skull investigation
(I uploaded a photo of the skull collection and the handout with the traits. So, even if you were absent on Friday, you could  respond to the questions).
* Preparing a data table with the 6 selected traits 
(This will have to be done on Sunday, after I completed working with the shared data sheet)

Extra credit:
* Quick and Learn 1.3, the second one - "Explore your animals"
* Continue into Missions 3-4-5-6 in the PBS website (assignment 1.2), You do not have to write on any handout. Just find a way to show me proof for each mission that you completed. 
* Watch "Great Transitions: Human Evolution", write at least a half a page about what your heard.
* HOME SCIENCE TALK is ON! Have a conversation about our experiences in class, and/ or the onlin materials

Forum (periods 1, 5, 6):
Week 1 - is CLOSED
Week 2- post and reply. 

Materials donationsm THANK YOU:
Printer paper
Vivyl gloves (M, and also Y and L)
Siplock bags - not any more, thank you!

Welcome Back! Announcements for Weekend of 01.13.18

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Updated: 01.13.18
Tasks for the beginning of the semester:
Add your Spring Google Class

Period 1: 38yf74f
Period 2: m6r0t6
Period 4: rfim7d
Period 5: 4l4v1n6
Period 6:

1. Syllabus - is posted on Google Classroom. Please confirm that you have read it, as directed.
2. Growth Mind Set Survey:
- Answer the "quiz" sheet (will be collected on Friday 01.12.18)
- Answer related Google Form (on Google Classroom)
Due: Sunday 01.14.18

Material donations for upcoming labs and in general:

White Printer paper!
Vinyl Gloves - all sizes, especially medium.
Ziplock bags (small)

1. HW: Introduction to Evolutionary trees (G.C.) Due: Tuesday 01.16.18
on a separate paper.
2. Online tutorial and worksheet: Phylogenetic tree 'Mission 1'
3. Online tutorial and worksheet: Phylogenetic tree 'Mission 2'
Due: Tuesday 01.16.18
Comment: You MAY click on the "Done" button! I deleted the annoying alerts I woudl get, and you communicate to me that it will be ready when we come back. 

Week 1: Phylogenetic trees
Week 1-2: Growth Mindset (in preparation)

Dr. Kreiselman

Announcements for the weekend, starting 12.09.17

posted Dec 8, 2017, 3:28 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Dec 10, 2017, 7:55 AM ]

Dear biology student,

I hope this wekeend is bringing comfort and relaxation to you and your family. 
As I am preparing your final exam, a few points come up:

1) Final Review Guide, and experiments:

* Please add the following questions to your study guide:

Biodiversity in an ecosystem:

36. Why is the biodiversity (‘system richness’) important for the stability of an ecosystem?

37. What are keystone species? How can one tell if a certain species can be considered a keystone species?

38. Why are most species in an ecosystem not keystone species?

39. When is an organism considered to be invasive?

40. Why are invasive species detrimental to the ecosystems they migrate to? 

* The study guide is officially due on the day of the final, but you would be wise to complete it by Monday December 11th. 

* You may use the study guide during your final exam.

* It is mandatory to answer at least half of the guide, completing it will double your points. 

Note: The study guide must be your OWN work. 

Experiments that will be included in the multiple choice questions 

are given in THIS handout (will be distributed on Monday)

2) Final exam prep forum: 

You may ask for help for specific questions in the study guide by posting questions in a forum on Google Classroom. 

(Forum credit for periods 1,5,6 and Assignment credit for periods 2,4)

3) Notebooks:

Due to the time constrants, I am going to check only noteboks that have not been checked last time. 

Please bring your notebook to the final exam. I will check notebooks spporadically for specific journals from recent weeks. 

The powerpopint slides with the journal questions and notes pages are now available on this website, see left menu.

Announcements 12.05.17

posted Dec 5, 2017, 12:26 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 8:14 AM ]

Dear biology student.

I'm absent on December 5th due to a family illness. 

Please make sure not to waste time - There will be two parts: One  videon on the discovery of keystone species and trophic cascades (which will be mentioned in the exam!). And the next -starting to read a study about fish disappearance from a lake, in relation to nearby crop fields. We will graph and analyze the results of the study on Wednesday.

Food Web simulation: 
- Solutions of 'all survivors' were accepted until Monday night. No more. 
- Periods  1,5,6: Handout needs to be completed by Wednesday. 
- Periods 2,4: Complete Handout in class today.
For part two you need a solution to start from. You may use the one below, unless you found another yourself. 

Homework: Please leave in folder for me to pick up. 

Notebook: I will check a few journals on Thursday and Friday. Be prepared with all of your journals being answered, and your table of contents ready to help you find the jounals I am asking about. 
- If your notebook was not checked last time, and you are certain it will help your grade, you may turn in your notebook for a 'regular check'. 

Final study guide: Is due on Monday. At least 17 questions. Make sure to include questions 30-31with material we are about to address.

Any questions? Send me a message. 


Dr. Kreiselman

Weekend of December 2nd 2017

posted Dec 2, 2017, 5:27 PM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Dec 2, 2017, 5:33 PM ]

Dear Biology student, I hope your weekend is going well so far.

Here's a short list of things to consider:

A. Homework: Biodiversity, due: Tuesday (see Google Classroom)

B. Food web EXTRA CREDIT challenge: Try out the foodweb simulation
- Try to come up with a feeding arrangement that leaves at least 6 organisms that do not die.
- Screenshot your solution and the graphs.
- Attach to teh Google Classroom assignment.

C. Periods 1, 5, 6: Forum week 16-17: Biodiverseity studies.
Deadline for posting: next Thursday, Deadline for replying: next Sunday

D. Final review guide: I'm still writing it. It wil be ready for you on Monday, promise! Then you can take it to afterschool tutoring, Saturday school, etc.

E. EXTRA CREDIT options from Thanksgiving are still on!

F. The application for the optional January 29th field trip to BODY WORLD  is still accepted - no later than Wednesday!

Any questions? 

Send me a Jupiter message.

Dr. Kreiselman

Announcements for THANKSGIVING WEEK

posted Nov 20, 2017, 6:14 AM by MICHAL DANIN KREISELMAN   [ updated Nov 20, 2017, 12:07 PM ]

(Copied from the Jupiter message on Monday11.20.17)
Today 6:10am

Dear Biology student,
I hope your break started on the bright side!
Please consider the following:
A. Grades are up to date, including the white boards (4.7) from the previous unit (periods 1,4,5,6), which were waiting for a while. and last week's assignments. Please review your grade carefully and let me know if there are any errors.
B. Mandatory assignments that are still open:
1. Homework on population dynamics
2. "Rabbit Grass and Weeds" Quickwrite (5.2.2 ):
- You need to change one or more variables and get a feel of what is happening. Then describe what you observed in the spread sheet.
- If you were absent last Friday, you need to first try the simulation with different initial rabbit populations (but not changing the plants). the first two questions in the quickwrite are about this experiment.
- I will check the spreadsheet again next Sunday and update Jupiter accordingly.
3. Forum week 15 (Periods 1,5,6) - population dynamics.
- Will be open all the way until Saturday for posting, and until next Sunday for responding.
C. Extra Credit options during the week off (or later. There are no deadlines for these assignments):
1. Responding to online science VIDEOS on ecology.
- Posted on Google Classroom under "extra credit".
- I listed a bunch of videos you can watch from HHMI and Ted Talks. You can choose a video outside this collection, but it has to be scientific about ecological studies (not just a nature movie), and at least 15 minutes.
- 25-40 points for each video report.
2. OUTINGS - park and museums, journaling.
- Posted pm Google Classroom for more details.
- There is no limit on how many outings you can goo and report on.
- 25 to 100 points for a report.
3. Online SIMULATIONS - to try and check classroom use.
More simulations to try out (no directions yet. But feel free to click along!)
- Food Web - will be used in class
- About anything you recently experienced in class recently, or anything you are working on for extra credit.
- Parents'guardian writes me about it, you get extra credit (up to 25 points each time)
- The parent/guardian's message should include content of what you were talking about - not just 'we talked about it'.
- Up to twice a week.
- Parent/guardian can write me in Spanish, too. I will translate it on Google (-:
If you have any questions about a particular assignment - please post a CLASS COMMENT on Google classroom. You can also just Jupiter me.
I will post this message on the course website as well.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dr. Kreiselman

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