Once-in-a-lifetime experience
“A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step” -- The Kolej MDIS Malaysia campus will be one of its kind for several reasons: Firstly the “educational enclave” that the campus is located in, surrounded by other well-esteemed universities and a student public of close to 30,000 including a vibrant international student sector. Secondly, students from across boundaries will become EduCity, the city you will be living in for 3-4 years while you pursue your studies. It is a society that is freshly created with a surrounding community that is well-connected and value-bound. Think of a thriving student populace that is cosmopolitan and chequered with amazing opportunities to exchange ideas and intellect with others from different ethnic backgrounds. This kind of experience can only come once-in-a-lifetime, and it is yours. Make the first step.

新加坡管理发展学院马来西亚新山分校首次投资于依斯干达的 “教育城市”(educity)。环绕学府的四周,都屹立着不同的高等学府。而“教育城市” (educity) 的方针,是将这里三万名来自各国各地的学生,有着不同种族的背景、文化、思想与智慧,却能够有机会互相的交流。你将有机会参与这样的一个体验和经验。而这样的体验,真的是千载难逢。

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