Incomparable Living costs
“The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet -- Living conditions and costs make up a happy environment where the student has to focus on one thing and one thing only –the need to study hard and pass exams with flying colours. In Malaysia it is no sacrifice at all for the student. The cost of living in Malaysia has always been the talk of the town, as it ranks as the most reasonable; and in Johore Bahru where MDIS campus is located, there is extreme value for money for the kind of education you will be receiving. Many confer that for the quality environment that is available to the student in Malaysia today, the corresponding living costs are virtually low, inexpensive and accommodating for especially those who may be funding their own education. It is estimated that the living costs are three-five times lower than any other city on this side of the globe.

马来西亚实行一种独特的国际化教育方式-课程转移。实质就是将英国等著名大学的课程 (3+0)行式转移至马来西亚合作学校,毕业时获得的是由英国著名大学颁发的学历文凭和学位证书,並为国际认证。留学生转签第三国手续简便,是各国学生进入世界著名高等学府的最佳途径。新加坡管理发展学院马来西亚新山分校与英国著名大学建有双联課程。健全的教育監监督机制。马来西亚学术鉴定局(MQA、海外合作大学及教育监督机构定期对学校的教学品质进行检查、审核,以确保优质的教学品质。中国政府也非常的推荐和鼓励中国学生选择自費留学的国家。生活費用低廉、也无须经济担保

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