LESSON: Safe Online Talk (est. Time 45 min.)

Essential Question:  How should you handle inappropriate online talk?

While recognizing the benefits of online talk and messaging, students consider scenarios in which they might feel uncomfortable or encounter inappropriate talk or behavior on the Internet. They find out how to recognize online predators, and learn safety rules to apply online.

As a class, students discuss what online predators are and how they try to gain kids’ trust. Through the Warning Signs Student Handout students learn to recognize risky situations and respond to communications that make them feel uncomfortable. Using the Internet Traffic Light Student Handout, students then work in groups to rate the danger level of several online scenarios. They complete the lesson by learning a set of safety rules for interacting with others on the Internet.

Students will:
  • Describe positive aspects of online talking and messaging
  • Identify situations in which flirting and inappropriate talk is risky
  • Learn about online predators and how they gain kids’ trust
  • Understand rules for safe online talk and messaging and feel empowered to deal with online predators

Teaching Resources:
  • Warning Signs Student Handout
  • Internet Traffic Light Student Handout
  • Internet Traffic Light Student Handout - Teacher Version
  • Half Sheets of Paper (3 for each student)
  • Green, yellow, and red markers or colored pencils (for each group of students)

Parent Resources:
  • Safe Online Talk Parent Tip Sheet

Online Resources:

Mark Arnold,
Jul 28, 2011, 3:34 PM