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Information Literacy


Students are introduced to different search options and effective strategies for finding information. They make informed choices about which search sites to use, and to use search tools and precise keywords to yield the best search results.

Crawling the Web
Students make informed choices about which search sites to use for different purposes. They also learn to use multiple search tools to get the best results – sampling and comparing features of three major types of search sites and investigating the results they yield.

Adults may think of students' online, mobile, and technological activities as "digital life" but to young people they are just life. The lessons in this unit are designed to harness students' enthusiasm, encouraging them to talk about the impact of digital media on their lives, their communities, and our culture. Students discuss the positive and negative aspects of digital life and are introduced to the concept of digital citizenship.

Sticky Sites
Students learn about features that attract and retain visitors to websites. They also learn to recognize the commercial motives that sometimes lie behind these “sticky” sites by analyzing factors that contribute to their stickiness: content, customizing, and community.