LESSON: My Self Online (est. Time 45 min.)

Essential Question:  How do you present yourself to others on the Internet?

After discussing their own unique identities, students investigate how these identities are expressed through different offline and online roles. By reflecting on their own online and offline roles, students discover that they have choices about how they present themselves to others on the Internet.

Students first explore different aspects of who they are by playing the “Three Facts, One Fiction” game. They then watch the Self-Expression and Identity Student Intro Video, and discuss how online and offline personalities can be both similar and different. Students then explore their own personalities on and off the Internet by completing the Offline/Online Me Student Handout.

Students will:
  • Recognize that they have unique characteristics that make up their identities
  • Discover that people express their identities through offline and online roles, which can sometimes differ from one another in significant ways
  • Explore their own offline and online personalities
  • Understand that the Internet gives them the freedom to make choices about how they present themselves to others online

Teaching Resources:
  • Self-Expression and Identity Student Intro (Video)
  • Offline/Online Me Student Handout
  • Partner Profile Student Handout
  • Paper and pens

Parent Resources:
  • Self-Expression and Identity Parent Tip Sheet

Online Resources:

Mark Arnold,
Jul 28, 2011, 4:24 PM