LESSON: Choosing a Search Site (est. Time 45 min.)

Essential Question:  What features does a good search site have?

Through online observations, students record and compare the features of different search sites. They learn to choose the best site or sites to suit their purposes.

Students work in groups to explore some popular search sites designed for children. Using the checklist found on their Check Out Search Sites Student Handout, they identify and record the features offered by one of the sites, then compare and contrast these with other sites. Students then use the Search Site Features Student Handout to identify the keywords in a search question, search several children’s search sites, and come up with a list of features for a good search site.

Students will:
  • Compare and contrast features of children’s search sites
  • Understand that they can choose the best sites for each of their searches
  • Explain why it is best to utilize multiple sites when doing

Teaching Resources:
  • Check Out Search Sites Student Handout
  • Search Site Features Student Handout

Parent Resources:
  • Smart Searching for Elementary Students Parent Tip Sheet

Online Resources:

Mark Arnold,
Jul 28, 2011, 9:21 AM