December Happy Holidays!

December 2

Intro to the CollegeBoard site and Scavenger Hunt. 

Students will be using this site for the next two and a half years as they start researching careers, colleges, registering for SAT tests and more

1. Create an account (if they don't already have one) and provide information to advisor.
Students should record their account info in their PLP and also on the Advisory sheet:
Important for Advisors: Please complete this accounts sheet for guidance.  Make two copies, one for yourself and then please put one in my (Renee) mailbox by Friday 1/10. I will give this to guidance. 
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PLease let the students know that this is just so that we have a copy in case they forget their info or lose their info.   Nobody will be accessing their accounts.

2. Students complete the College Board Scavenger Hunt.
(This is in their PLP)
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(Answer key  
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Students will learn more about the great resources (SAT prep, college search, the importance of your high school record, financial aid,etc.) on the CollegeBoard site by completing this scavenger hunt.  They can work alone or in groups.  If they really get stuck on one question, have them move on.  Hints are provided as to where to look for the information.  Leave 5 minutes at the end of the advisory to go over the answers.
In preparation for students receiving their PSAT scores later this month or early January please go over the following.  (Note:  Students will receive scores from their guidance counselor, not their advisor)

December 09

Holiday Concert in the Gym. (Music Department)
Please have students go directly to the gym.

December 16
Choice Day

December 23
Early Release: No advisory

PSAT score info
1.   Display the PSAT Score Tutorial and go over main parts with the group.  Please be sure to clarify the information about the percentile score.  
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Handouts for students to take with them
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If you have extra time left over today, check out some of the fun activities on the right of the page.

Renee Laber,
Apr 5, 2012, 5:00 PM
Renee Laber,
Apr 5, 2012, 5:00 PM