October: School Spirit!/ PSAT prep

10/01           PSAT Review/Prep        

This activity is planned and provided by the guidance office.  Please contact them  if you have any questions.

Guidance  activity: (this activity is repeated from Sophomore year)  See below for other ideas.

Click on link below presentation to open up the powerpoint in a bigger window.


More Activities that you might want to do with your group prior to the test.

1.  What is on the test?: This is a short and concise overview of the PSAT with links to explanations and practice for each section.  (The more familiar the students are with the test, the more confident they will be!)

2. Games!  Play as a group or let students play on their laptops in pairs)
3. From the College Board

**10/09 Thursday:  All sophomores and juniors to auditorium for PSAT info (Matt H.)

Friday:  8 minute advisory
Block D: Pep Rally in gym.  Students go directly to gym.


PSAT testing in the morning

(No Advisory today)

10/22   Do Something!
Community Service Activity
Don't wait until your senior year to get in your community service hours!  Today's activities should get students thinking about what they can do this year either alone or as a group (optional) to get their hours and help out the community.

What can I learn from Community Service?  View Download

Do something!
A couple of ideas for individuals or groups.

Individual student:
1. Visit dosomething.org to come up with an idea for a community service project.  Students will have to create an account (free) to find out the specific details) 
Start with a search of interests, time, etc.

It is really easy to search by cause or campaign.  
1. Go to "causes"
2. Under "Action Finder" you can choose a time period, a cause and more to narrow down you choices.
Or you can just start with a cause! (animals, education,bullying,etc) and take it from there!

Here are some ideas from the site.
Make catnip toys for local shelters
Collect Halloween Candy for our troops!
Happy baskets for moms and babies

2. Run the idea by Mrs. Littlefield or your advisor.
3. Complete the activity and provide documentation of the hours and the product (if this applies)
4. Check here to join a campaign already in progress.  (IE: sending birthday cards to homeless children)

Advisory group (or partial)
Same as above except pick something that several students would like to do (or even the whole group!).  Advisor documents the hours and activity to turn in to Ms. Littlefield. 
Here are some great ideas for groups that would be easy to document:

Choice Day!

Other activities:

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