October: School Spirit!/ PSAT prep

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PSAT Review/Prep
Please go over with your group on some of the 8 minute days.

Guidance  activity: (this activity is repeated from Sophomore year)  See below for other ideas.

Click on link below presentation to open up the powerpoint in a bigger window.


More Activities that you might want to do with your group prior to the test.

1.  What is on the test?: This is a short and concise overview of the PSAT with links to explanations and practice for each section.  (The more familiar the students are with the test, the more confident they will be!)

2. Games!  Play as a group or let students play on their laptops in pairs)
3. From the College Board

The 30 minute advisory will be on Friday this week.
Pep Rally in the gym


PSAT testing in the morning

(No Advisory today)

(from Mark C.)
Review the Room assignments.  Some teachers will be covering other peoples rooms if they do not have presenters in their rooms. . .final assignments next week.
Share the schedule with your class and make sure that they know this in taking place on the afternoon of Monday the 26th and that it impacts the whole day's schedule.
Electronically share info on Presenters and Special Presentations (many have electronic links that they can use to make better choices).  
Use this information to fill in the Post Secondary Planning Sheet.  Bring the Planning sheet to guide you during the fair.

If students are not interested in any of the colleges attending, encourage them to attend the special presentations or military presentations.  If you take it seriously so will they.

For the students:
You must attend a program for every session
Please be polite welcoming and represent the school well
Remember, for some this will be you first impression on your college admissions officer.
If you choice room is full go to second choice then third then any port in a storm

Post Secondary Room Assignments

Information on Presenters (With live links to help students pick what programs to attend)

Info on Special Presentations (Special Topics or Limited Availability)

Choice Day

Other activities:

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