January: Sr. Ex/ Exploring Careers

January 4
Today's activity: Today we are going to start looking at careers.

Here is a fun video to start the discussion (from Kid Snippets)
Interests and careers: This is a  PLP activity. (no need to print anything off, everything is in the PLP packet)
Direct students to this link:

Activity 1: Review instructions (these are on the corresponding page in the PLP packet) with your group.  When everyone is finished with the initial activity, students can play 20 questions (must be yes or no questions only)  and try to guess each student's profession. 
1. Choose one student to go first
2. The other students each get to ask one question
3. After the last student has asked a question, the group guesses the job.  (or before if it is pretty obvious)

Sample questions:
Do you need a four year degree?
Do you make more than $40, 000 a year?
Do you need to have an artistic talent?
Activity 2: When finished, pose these questions to the group and discuss.
(you could have students write out all of their answers on a piece of scrap paper and then go over them or just discuss them one at a time)

Which job (or jobs) do you think is/are...
1. The most secure job in your country.
2. A job that many people wanted to do when they were a child.
3. A job that you particularly respect people for doing.
4. An unusual job that you think you would like if you did it.
5. The strangest job that someone you know has.
6. The strangest job that you have ever heard about.
7. A job that you think should be better paid.
8.The most high status job in your country.
9. The job with the longest hours in your country.
10. The most difficult to get.
11. A job you would want if money was not an issue for you.

January 11
Senior Ex info and Laptop check
1. Explain the day and expectations. Look over the schedule - freshmen advisors will need to do a more detailed explanation of the day and process.
2. Look over the rubric.
3. Watch a former presentation from the playlist.

Here is a link to the page that explains what a Senior Exhibition is.
Here is the schedule of Senior Exhibitions.

The Overall Schedule:
8-8:15 Advisory
8:30-11:45 Presentations
11-12:30ish Floating Lunch
12:30ish - end of day Winter Carnival

4. Also...please do this laptop check with your students. Here is the info from Anne.

Advisory Laptop Check.

*Please check your student’s laptops and cases.
Lately the damage rate has been increasing and it is primarily due to students refusing to use their padded cases.

I also have a number of students who are not using their laptops - which can either mean they have no work, or they have damaged them beyond use. I would like to be able deal with that sooner than later.

SO… what I would like from you (teachers).

1. Mention to your advisees on Tuesday, that they need to bring in their cases with their laptops.
on Wednesday please check Case (and remind them that they signed a document stating that they agreed to use their cases at the beginning of the school year )

2. Laptop - screen for breakage, keys missing, and general cleanliness.
Any laptops with keys missing/broken need to be replaced as soon as possible, before they wreck the ‘underlayment’ of the keyboard.

3. I would like a list of any laptops that need work, or any students who are not using their cases. If they choose not to use their case, they need to leave the laptop at school.

January 18
Matching careers to Degrees (PLP activity page 17)
Link to site

January 25
No school: End of term

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