January: Sr. Ex/ Personal Learning Plans

HCTC Survey here!
Please share the following HCTC documents with your advisors during the 8 minute advisory this week. 

Once the students have seen the documents and looked at the planned course offerings and possible offerings, have them take the survey.

January 6

15 Random Things (PLP)  Note:  This is located at the BACK of the PLP packet!
• Have students turn to this activity in their packet and read through the directions with them. Some students will come up with 15 while others may come up with less. Give students about 15 minutes for this activity. (Tell them not to think too hard, just write!)

When students are finished there are several ways to use the lists:
• It would be great if the advisor would share some of his or her random things with the group to get things started.

• Ask people to share them with each other (partners, small group, whole advisory) Students are welcome to not share all or any if they prefer.

• Students can be asked to tally how many things they have in common with other students if the lists are shared.

• Students can be asked to choose their 3 most random things and talk about those.

If you run out of time to share today, you could continue on the 8 minute days.

January 13

SADD Extra curricular policy activity: (click on link to access directions and documents that need to be printed off for Wednesday's activity.)
At the end of the activity, please collect both surveys and put them in Renee's  mailbox. Thanks!

January 20

Today's activity: Today we are going to start looking at careers.

Here is a fun video to start the discussion (from Kid Snippets)
Interests and careers: This is a  PLP activity. (no need to print anything off, everything is in the PLP packet)
Direct students to this link:

Activity 1: Review instructions (these are on the corresponding page in the PLP packet) with your group.  When everyone is finished with the initial activity, students can play 20 questions (must be yes or no questions only)  and try to guess each student's profession. 
1. Choose one student to go first
2. The other students each get to ask one question
3. After the last student has asked a question, the group guesses the job.  (or before if it is pretty obvious)

Sample questions:
Do you need a four year degree?
Do you make more than $40, 000 a year?
Do you need to have an artistic talent?
Activity 2: When finished, pose these questions to the group and discuss.
(you could have students write out all of their answers on a piece of scrap paper and then go over them or just discuss them one at a time)

Which job (or jobs) do you think is/are...
1. The most secure job in your country.
2. A job that many people wanted to do when they were a child.
3. A job that you particularly respect people for doing.
4. An unusual job that you think you would like if you did it.
5. The strangest job that someone you know has.
6. The strangest job that you have ever heard about.
7. A job that you think should be better paid.
8.The most high status job in your country.
9. The job with the longest hours in your country.
10. The most difficult to get.
11. A job you would want if money was not an issue for you.

January 28

End of term.  No school for students today.

Teens and Technology resources:

Are You a Cyberbully?

Ms Parry's Guide to Correct Online Etiquette

Technology Tips for Teens    View Download

Video from A Thin Line:

Facebook Etiquette:  5 Dos and Don'ts

Study Skills/Preparing for Final Exams Resources:

Test Taking Strategies handout    View Download

2 Short final prep activities
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