March: Exploring Careers

March 4 th 
No advisory period today due to school wide presentation by NHS

Teachers:  Please note who goes to which sessions below.  This is a change.

Here is the revised schedule for the day:    Please contact Bo with any questions.
BLOCK A                                         7:57 - 9:10

LOCKER BREAK                            9:10 - 9:24

BLOCK B                                         9:24 - 11:18
                SESSION ONE:    All upstairs classes and the Tech wing classes           9:24 - 10:19
                TRANSITION:                                         10:19 - 10:23
                SESSION TWO:    All downstairs classes                                                     10:23 - 11:18

BLOCK C                                     11:21 - 12:56               EAT             CLASS
                FIRST LUNCH                                          11:21 - 11:46           11:46 - 12:56
                SECOND LUNCH                                    11:56 - 12:21           11:21 - 11:56; 12;21 - 12:56
                THIRD LUNCH                                         12:31 - 12:56           11:21 - 12:31

BLOCK D                                 1:00 - 2:13

March 11 
Interests and careers
  PLP activity

Review instructions with your group.  When everyone is finished with the initial activity, students can play 20 questions (must be yes or no questions only)  and try to guess each student's profession. 
1. Choose one student to go first
2. The other students each get to ask one question
3. After the last student has asked a question, the group guesses the job.  (or before if it is pretty obvious)

Sample questions:
Do you need a four year degree?
Do you make more than $40, 000 a year?
Do you need to have an artistic talent?

March 18 
Careers and Degrees (PLP activity)
At end of activity, have students share out with the whole group or with a partner.

March 26  (Thursday)
Show Choir Performance in gym
Additional Resources: 
Four Ways to Explore Career Options

Top Careers: Lists of the most in-demand careers.

Short career videos 

(short online quiz)

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