March 1
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Early Release Day for the District Jazz Festival

March 8
Communications Style Activity (adapted from Communication Styles by Bob Keteyian)  

Note: This is a PLP activity on page 18-19.  Be sure to have students answer the questions in their packet when they have finished the activity.

Why is communication important?

Today we will be learning about personal communication styles:
A communication style (also known as conversational style) is the way in which we share information with others through language. Although we all like to think we're saying exactly what we mean, that's not always the case, especially when we're talking to someone who uses a communication style very different from our own.  (Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.  Psychology Today)

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it important to know about the different ways that people communicate with each other?
Take a moment to think about the classes that you are in.  What are some differences in the way that students communicate in the classroom?  What problems do these different styles create? 

View Download                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Print one for each student:
Students complete Communication Component  Inventory by placing a check mark (or yes/no, starts, etc.)next to the sentences 
 that apply to them.  

Directions to share with students:

1.  First go through the items quickly asking "Is this me?" or "Is this mostly true about me?".  Skip any item that you're uncertain about.
2. Now go through the items a second time and mark the ones that you feel apply to you and leaving blank those that don't.

Please share:  "This is not a labeling exercise. In other words, you are not "an auditory person" or a "spatial person" but you may have a strong auditory component to your communication style that combines nicely with your interpersonal and linguistic components." 

    1. Ask students to focus on on the interpersonal and intrapersonal—which one is stronger? 

    2. Identify in  which other components you are strongest.   What do you think this says about your communication style? (perhaps the teacher could share first)

     3. What might be some problems that could occur when people with very different communication styles end up working together on a group project?  Whole class discussions? What do we need to be aware of?

March 15
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March 22  
Procrastination Lesson
How does procrastination impede our ability to achieve?

1. Discussion questions:
* How many of you think that you procrastinate too much?
* What sort of things do you put off doing?
* Why do you think we procrastinate?

2. Show video

YouTube Video

Follow up questions:
* What are the main points that Tim makes in the video?
* Do you have any good tools or tips that help you stop procrastinating?

March 30, 2016
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