March: Exploring Careers

March 2, 2016
Healthy Acadia presentation with a focus on marijuana

Modified advisory schedule today

BLOCK A                                         7:57 - 9:10

LOCKER BREAK                            9:10 - 9:24

BLOCK B                                         9:24 - 11:18
                SESSION ONE:    All upstairs classes and the Tech wing classes           9:24 - 10:19
                TRANSITION:                                         10:19 - 10:23
                SESSION TWO:    All downstairs classes                                                     10:23 - 11:18

BLOCK C                                     11:21 - 12:56               EAT             CLASS
                FIRST LUNCH                                          11:21 - 11:46           11:46 - 12:56
                SECOND LUNCH                                    11:56 - 12:21           11:21 - 11:56; 12;21 - 12:56
                THIRD LUNCH                                         12:31 - 12:56           11:21 - 12:31

BLOCK D                                 1:00 - 2:13

March 9, 2016  
Learning Styles Activity (Personal Learning Plan)
(This is a little out of order in the PLP packet, you can find it after the Academic Check in page.)
1. Advisors:  Please go over the information at the top of the page with your advisees before having them begin the activity.  

Students take quiz here:  
Online Learning Styles Quiz   ( below before you begin....)  Be sure to answer every question before you hit submit!
(Note:  Sometimes the quiz gets moved to the bottom of the page but the quiz is there.....If the quiz does not show up at the top, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page.   You may also get a pink box  with error messages on each page of the quiz but ....each time you hit submit just keep scrolling down and the quiz will still be there. ) 

2. After students have completed the activity, lead a discussion for students to report out what they learned and what tips they may use.  (if no time, do this on Thursday.)  You might also share your own learning style and what strategies you use.

Please show in an 8 minute advisory by next Wednesday.

March 16, 2016  
Choice Day

March 23, 2016 


Clarity allows our school to get insight from parents, teachers, and students regarding the impact of technology use in both our homes and schools. It is a web-based and research-driven tool that helps us evaluate the current technology resources available to our teachers and students.

Anonymous responses are collected through questionnaires to help us make better decisions about resources needed, training allocated (professional development), and support required, to enhance the effective use of educational technology.

There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone will have a different set of answers to these questions, depending on his/her different experiences.

Survey Links (select appropriate link):

Students Survey Link (~15 min.): Link will be added

Teacher Survey (~15 min.): Link will be added

March 31, 2016
Show Choir Performance in gym
Additional Resources: 
Four Ways to Explore Career Options

Top Careers: Lists of the most in-demand careers.

Short career videos 

(short online quiz)

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