March: Exploring Careers

March 4 th 
The NHS presentation has been moved to April to give them more time to prepare.

Careers and Degrees (PLP activity:  All documents are in the student packet)
At end of activity, have students share out with the whole group or with a partner.

Please show in an 8 minute advisory by next Wednesday.

March 11 
Choice Day
(you might want to take time today to go over grades (progress reports) and check in about registering for next year's classes.)

March 18 
SADD Extra curricular policy activity: (click on link to access directions and documents that need to be printed off for Wednesday's activity.)
At the end of the activity, please collect both surveys and put them in Elana's  mailbox. Thanks!

March 26
Show Choir Performance in gym
Additional Resources: 
Four Ways to Explore Career Options

Top Careers: Lists of the most in-demand careers.

Short career videos 

(short online quiz)

Renee Laber,
Apr 5, 2012, 5:02 PM