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Social Media Safety/Bullying Prevention Presentations-

April 12th's Presentation by Robert Hackenson, Jr. can be viewed by these links:

Questions about Advantage MDI?

MDIHS Guidance will be offering Advantage MDI on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th from 8:30-11:30 for all registered Freshmen.  There will be three busy days of team building and orientation activities designed to create friendships and give students the skills and exposure to the school that will help them make a smooth transition.  Students must register to participate, and are expected to attend all three days.  If you have questions about why we offer this program please click here, or check the article at the bottom of this page.  Registration forms are available in the left column under the "Freshman" pull down menu, or here

Questions About Standards Based Grading?

If you would like to know more about standards based grading, but haven't been able to attend any of the information nights, you can see Mrs. Keblinsky's presentation here.

The Truth About Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety is a daily battle for many students, and almost all students and adults suffer from periods of anxiety during their lives.  Hannah Edgecomb, a talented Senior here at MDI recently made an insightful presentation for the MDIHS Faculty.  We have attached that presentation here for any students or parents that would like to know more on the topic.  Please contact a counselor if you would like to know more. 

Get Ready for Your SAT Test!
Here is a golden opportunity for you If you are wondering what the new reformulated SAT test will be like. Khan Academy is offering free lessons and practice tests for students that want to improve their scores.  Students need to set up an account, or can log in here using Facebook or Google information.   Success favors a prepared mind.

Junior Planning News-
If you missed Jr. College Planning Night, you can use the link below to kick start your own post secondary planning.  Here is the powerpoint that was presented.

Senior Financial Aid Night-
Special thanks to Bruce Hazam, a local Financial Aid Director with many years of experience.  His presentation (linked below) gave parents and Seniors the latest information on the financial aid process, recent changes in loans and applicatons, and paying for college.

Not Your Father's SAT-
The College Board's SAT test has been revised and students testing this Spring will be taking a test that has been modified to be more like the ACT test.  For a succinct look at how it has changed go here or here.

How Will Standards Impact MDI Graduates Applying to College?
To better answer a questions from last night's College 101 presentation we wanted to provide the following links for your use and edification. First we wanted to share the link to Julie Keblinski's Proficiency Based Education Pages.  These pages can be accessed thought the Academics Tab on the school's home page, and can provide answers on systems that we have created to teach, evaluate and report on our standards.  Two research summaries that address the issue of standards and how colleges are using them and other information in admissions decisions are here and here.

Why Advantage MDI?

Here is an article that nicely summarizes just why we run and orientation program for Freshmen coming to MDI. Why a students first year in high school can be the most important here, and three tips for parents here.

Looking for College Snap-Shots and Canadian Schools?  
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Graduation Requirements

Students must complete twenty-three (23) credits in grades 9-12. These expectations are in compliance with the  Maine State Law, Chapter 207-A, Sub Chapter III and local requirements, which exceed these standards.   Students must earn at least the stated number of credits in the  following areas:

4 English 

3 Social Studies

3 Math 

3 Science

1 Physical Education

.5 Health (.5 required during 9th/10th)

1 Fine Arts

1 Life Skills (Business, Family Education or Technology)

    Students must demonstrate achievement of the Learning Results by  “ meeting standards” on portfolio tasks, which are part of their course work.  The portfolio tasks consist of essential knowledge and skills that all MDIHS graduates must have.

    Students must design and produce a Senior Exhibition to demonstrate depth and knowledge about a particular subject.

Students must complete 20 hours of Community Service.

School Code

MDIHS CEEB Code: 200683

The Mount Desert Island Guidance Department is open from 7:30- 3:00 everyday. If no one is available to answer your call, please feel free to leave a message or send an email. You call will be returned as soon as possible. If you have a student emergency and are unable to reach us, please contact the Dean of Students (Ian Braun) at 288-5011 ext. 3350.

Michele Gurtler, Director of Guidance A-K

Megan (Lane) Rowell, Guidance L-Z

Mark Carignan, Freshmen Guidance

Mary Wallace, Administrative Assistant