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Pastor's Personal Assistant


I. Purpose

The Pastor's Personal Assistant will serve by aiding the pastor in the carrying out of his leadership and pastoral duties. They will seek to use their personal gifts and technical skills for the benefit of the church by contributing to the Pastor's effectiveness and efficiency.

II. Expectations

The Pastor's Administrator will be proficient in the use of standard of office tools: copy machine, computer, etc. She/he will demonstrate organizational skills, as well as an ability to relate well with a diversity of persons: pastoral staff, office colleagues, church leaders and members, and visitors. She/he will demonstrate a willingness to grow spiritually, attitudinally and vocationally, exhibiting a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, actively participating in a Christian church, seeking to be growing in the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit and a willingness to develop a comprehensive understanding of the church she/he serves, and receive additional training, should that be deemed necessary. She/he will be a cooperative team member in relation with others who share the work environment and responsibilities.

III. Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Pastor's Personal Assistant are categorized as follows: daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and general duties:

Daily Duties:

  1. Accept all phone calls from people requesting to speak with the Pastor.  Accept all visitors requesting to see the Pastor.  
  2. Sort the Church's mail.
  3. Schedule all appointments.  
  4. Transcribe counseling notes and leadership reflections; decrypt and print out those that are needed for each day's sessions or meetings.
  5. Maintain church calendar.
  6. Daily wrap-up with pastor at end of work day. 

Weekly Duties:

  1. Prepare counseling notes, leadership reflections, pastor's correspondence, and memos distributing or mailing the same.
  2. Prepare visitors letters for signing and mailing.
  3. Prepare bulletin for Sunday’s service.
  4. Attend weekly staff meetings taking notes when necessary.

Monthly Duties:

  1. Produce agendas and minutes for meetings conducted by the Pastor.
  2. File the Pastor's papers that are set aside for this purpose.

Annual Duties:

  1. Assist with the typing of annual reports.
  2. Assist with the printing of the annual budget for the annual meeting.

General Duties:

  1. Initiate contacts at Pastor's request keeping an updated contact database.
  2. Maintain database for membership, baptism, and baby dedications and funerals.
  3. Prepare printed scripts for baby dedications, marriages, new member charge, and Deacon commissioning services.
  4. Assist couples preparing for marriage, providing them with personalized wedding manual and, if needed, the preparation of "Prepare" inventory, or "Enrich" inventory for the Pastor's marriage counseling.
  5. Prepare wedding, funeral, and special programs when requested.
  6. Update computer files at the main computer as well as the Pastor's personal computer.
  7. As requested, fill out and submit vouchers for the Pastor's expense reimbursements.
  8. Coordinate the convening of meetings initiated by the Pastor.
  9. Assist the Pastor with his occasional writing projects.
  10. Respond to the request for general secretarial support of the Pastor as needed.
  11. Co-ordinate staff vacations.

IV. Commitments: The Pastor will make the following commitments:

  1. He will let the Pastor's Administrator know his whereabouts at all times and when he is expected to return.
  2. He will be sensitive to the work load so as not to burden the Pastor's Administrator with unreasonable demands.
  3. He will give clear instructions concerning all requests and will be available to answer questions when there is a lack of clarity.
  4. Only under extreme circumstances will he call the Pastor's Administrator at home or seek assistance during "off hours".
  5. He will refrain from unnecessary reminders, demonstrating a confidence that the work will be done as requested on schedule.
  6. When extra time is needed, he will negotiate the schedule with the Pastor's Administrator.
  7. He will provide periodic sharing times for two-way evaluation conversations.
  8. He will provide for additional training when mutually agreed upon. This may involve consultation or seminar.
  9. He will seek to be open in regards to handling problems or conflicts.
  10. He will provide pastoral care to the Pastor's Administrator when an appointment is requested.

The Pastor’s Administrator will make the following commitments:

  1. She/he will keep the Pastor informed as to church needs that come to her/his attention, as well as personal matters including complaints.
  2. She/he will treat every call or visitor with courtesy, cheerfulness and respect.
  3. She/he will make an effort to use time wisely, but be willing to allow for appropriate interruptions, especially if it involves ministering to individuals.
  4. She/he will be willing to see her/his work as an opportunity to grow in her/his ability to serve the Lord and His church.
  5. She/he will seek to be constant in prayer that the Lord will be pleased to use her/his as a vital part of the overall ministry of the church.
  6. She/he will maintain confidentiality in all matters.