International Club

International Club Restaurant Challenge 2010-2011

Experience world cultures through their cuisine!  Grab your family and friends and try one or all of the following restaurants:

Afghan – Kebab n’ Curry or Kahzana

Brazilan – Café do Brasil

Cajun – The Shack or Cajun King

Caribbean – Carican

Chinese - The Grand House

Ethiopian – Queen of Sheba

German – Omas Pantry or Ingrid’s Kitchen

Guatemalan – Café Antigua or Cocina Guyatalinda

Indian – Gopurum

Japanese – Tokyo

Korean – B-Won or Jean Ju

Lebanese – Camilya’s, Nunu's

Mexican –Tarahumara,  Los Comales, Max Pollo

Malaysian – Banana Island

Moroccan – Cous Cous Cafe

Palestinian – ZamZam

Peruvian – Inca Trail or Mama Veca

Polish – Maggie’s Café

Swiss – Melting Pot

Thai – Little Sala Thai

Vietnamese – Pho Lien Hoa – CASH ONLY


Find location information at:


When you try a restaurant, have someone take a picture of you with the menu and your entrée; email me the picture and the name of your entrée ( or bring your picture to me at school. The students who have visited the most restaurants by the end of the school year will win a fabulous prize!

Ethnic restaurants of your own choosing will count also!