My research focuses on earthquakes and the hazards they pose to population.

My PhD research focused on characterizing seismic hazard using the ambient seismic field to construct the Earth's response to impulse forces. I build large virtual earthquakes with the ambient noise Green's functions and local surface-wave excitation, and this allowed me to investigate long period seismic amplification in urban areas such as Los Angeles and Tokyo, and developed a new approach to ground motion prediction.

Currently, I have strong research interest in investigating earthquake source processes. The physics of dynamics controls the earthquake energy partitioning, which I investigate from the numerical and the observational side. 

NEWS!  (08/08/2015)  I am moving to Harvard University in January 2016. Email me for student and postdoc opportunities!

NEWS!  (01/24/2014)   Check out the Stanford News video for our paper on Virtual Earthquakes

Virtual Earthquakes

NEWS!  (12/01/2013) You can find my dissertation here.