Catholic Homeschooling

When you love your kids and you can't get enough of them, Homeschool is the answer.

Kids love their parents. Don't believe the hype that kids prefer toys and tv and other distractions to their parents. Parents are number one in every kid's heart. And if your kids are number one in your heart, homeschooling is the way to show it.

Homeschooling Basics

What does one need in order to homeschool?

1. Socialization. Many people are discouraged by their family and friends when they announce their decision to homeschool their children. The main objection being that children need "socialization". This is not without foundation. Children do need to make friends and to play with other children. But "socialization" is a two edged sword. There is an ugly side to socialization, it is called "negative peer pressure".

What is negative peer pressure? It is the influence which children's friends have on them to force them to conform to behavior such as to use drugs, dress in a particular manner, and sometimes to commit crimes.

Homeschooling is the cure for negative peer pressure since parents become their children's best friends and because parents get to hand pick their children's playmates.

2. Know the Law. Homeschooling is permitted in almost every state of the union. Look up the law and make sure you abide by it. In Texas, for instance, we had to register as a private school. We are also required to teach reading, spelling, grammar, math and citizenship.

Homeschooling laws by state:

3.  Select a curriculum. My wife and I decided to make our own curriculum.  We bought used books from Catholic Schools, libraries,  used bookstores and any other place that we could find them.  We  frequently  checked books from the Public library, an excellent free source for  educational books.  Our curriculum is very flexible.  We try to accomodate the curriculum to the child.  

If you feel you need assistance in creating your own curriculum however,  there is a whole industry out there waiting to meet your homeschooling needs. Two well known Catholic curriculum providers are Seton and Kolbe.  But there are many more.  Just Google "Catholic Homeschool curriculums."

If you have any questions about homeschooling, feel free to email me at   I'd love to start an faq section with your question on it.


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