The H.W. Clark Biscuit Company

North Adams, Massachusetts



                                                       The Clark Block                        The H.W. Clark Biscuit Company

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 A newspaper advertisement for the company.

     Photo Courtesy of                    The Transcript 


      The H.W. Clark Biscuit Company officially opened on Liberty Street in North Adams, Massachusetts in the year 1899. H. W. Clark did not only own the Biscuit Company, but had several other businesses located in North Adams as well. These businesses were: The H.W. Clark Wholesale Co., The Canedy Clark Shoe Co., and the H.W. Clark Produce Co. The H.W. Clark Biscuit Company was Clark's first venture into the bakery business. In 1903, Clark's son took part in the business. All was going well until the year 1923, when the H.W. Clark Biscuit burned down on Liberty Street. An accidental fire occurred,  and the business was relocated to Ashland Street in the same year.It took seven years for the Biscuit Company to be finished on Ashland Street. Even though the Biscuit Company is no longer in business, the building still remains at the Ashland Street location until this day.