43rd Annual 

AFG of MD & DC Spring Convention With AA Participation

June 7, 8, & 9, 2019

Washington College, Chestertown, MD

 To Register Online: *CLICK HERE*

Check-in is 2:00 to 8:00 PM Friday, 7:30 to 9:00 AM Saturday. 

Convention starts 4:00 PM Friday and ends after lunch Sunday.

Directions to Washington College and local lodging: washcoll.edu/about/directions.php

All attendees will receive an informational confirmation sheet before the convention.

Lodging Options: see Dorm Options tab above for dorm details

·         Traditional Dorm lodging option is single (or double room by request), sharing a common bathroom for each floor.

·         Suite Dorm lodging option is a single bedroom in a 4 room suite with two bathrooms, kitchenette, and common area.

    Optional - Rent sheets, towels, pillow, and blanket. They will be in your room and you leave them there when you leave.

Meals and Events-Only Options:

  • Full weekend with no lodging, all events and meals
  • Saturday June 8 one day only, Saturday events and meals
    • Vegan and Gluten-free options at all meals!

Registration Prices, including all meals, through May 6 ($20 more after that)

  •     Saturday Only:  Saturday events and meals ~  $95 mailing a check/$98 paying online
  •     No Lodging, full weekend: all events and meals ~  $160 mailing a check/$165 paying online
  •     Room in Traditional Dorm ~ $195 mailing a check/$201 paying online +$10 Refundable Key Deposit
  •     Room in Suite Dorm ~ $215 mailing a check/$221 Paying Online +$10 Refundable Key Deposit

        Optional College Linen Rental: sheets, towels, pillow, blanket   $18

Onsite registration is $25 more than preregistration prices; cash, check, or money order only.

            Online registrations must be made by June 3, 2019. 

            Mailed registrations must be received by June 3, 2019. 

        Registrations fully refundable through June 6, 2019. After June 3, a $15 cancellation fee will be charged.

                To receive a refund, you must contact the treasurer at MDDCSpringCon@Gmail.com.

 To Register Online: *CLICK HERE*

There is a 3% convenience fee for online registration paid using PayPal or Credit Card.

Note: to pay with a credit card, when you get to the PayPal "Choose a way to pay" page, select the "Credit Card" tab. 

New Option: Register online and mail a check: save the 3% convenience fee.

                                               Make checks to AFG Spring Convention & mail to:
                                                         AFG Spring Convention, 14 Ridge Rd - Unit T, Greenbelt, MD 20770.  
                                            Clearly indicate on the check the names of the people the payment is for.        

Prefer to Register by Mail?

        Download a writable registration form to fill in, print, & post.

            To download registration form:  click  Registration Form

Questions? Email SpringConventionChair@Gmail.com

Al-Anon Workshops

 1. Learning a New Tune - Steps 1, 2 & 3 10. From Backstage to Centerstage - Fear to Faith
 2. Finding Our Own Voice - Steps 4, 5, & 6  11. Listening For the Still, Small Voice - Spirituality
 3. Correcting the Wrong Note - Steps 7, 8 & 9 12. Letting Go of Our Child’s Playlist - Parents of Alcoholics
 4. Staying in Tune - Steps 10, 11 & 12 13. Laughter: Music to Our Ears - Humor
 5. In Pitch with Others - Traditions 14. Sour Notes to Sweet Sounds - Resentments
 6. Harmony in Service – Concepts 15. Do-Re-Mi (& Others) - Intimacy & Sexuality
 7. Loving Your Solo - Self-Esteem 16. Finding Our Adult Voice - Adult Children
 8. Lessons in Serenity - Slogans 17. Composing Recovery Together - Sponsorship
 9. Tune Into Gratitude 18. Finding Financial Serenity in Al-Anon

AA Workshops

 1. Gratitude 3. Home Group
 2. Sponsorship 4. Principles Above Personalities

Chestertown Convention,
Jan 30, 2019, 12:13 PM