Student Biodiversity Projects

Students--create a link to a new page for your chosen biodiversity group.  Then, start applying what we learn!  Use images, links, and paragraph-length explanations of how each topic applies to your particular group.  Each topic must from the course must have at least two explanatory paragraphs, two images and two links to great resource websites specific to how that topic applies to your group.  These links should contain explanations that summarize the linked website.  The more detail, the better.

Frolich Evolution course main page

 Biodiversity Group Student Name
 Salamanders Larry Frolich

Humans Julliet Arevalo
 Jose Thompson
Pteridophyta Smritee Thapa
Frogs Luis Nivelo 
Green algae
 Henry Rivera
Coniferophyta Evelina Sulca
Butterflies Medgine Petit-Homme
Fungi Jorge Navarro
Paul Zuniga 
Arachnids Samantha Cepoudy
 Horses Kenyatta Huff
 Jessica Moreno
 Dolphins  Catherine Tavares 
Cockroaches Joseph Vera
 Snakes Stefan Haqq