Our Path Awareness(tm) seminars are opportunities for you to learn and explore yourself. Through a creative mix of didactic and experiential interactions, you will be presented with techniques, tools and experiences to enhance your life and well-being. Our Path Awareness(tm) Seminar Series offers a unique approach to providing coaching and mentoring for personal, professional and spiritual growth and achievement, as well as counseling and guidance to foster a healing spirit and at-one-ment. Regardless of faith or belief, our program can assist you in establishing or building a strong connection and path to the life you wish to live.

Our facilitator does not portend to be a "guru" but rather a guide, one who through personal and professional experience can help you find and then navigate the path that is your life and life aspirations.

These seminars are not rooted in any particular spiritual tradition or religious doctrine, but will instead build upon your beliefs and understandings to reach new levels of


There are currently no seminars or workshops scheduled for 2019- check back for future updates

introduction seminars (@3 hrs)

These seminars are intended to provide a brief introduction and overview of our Path Awareness(tm) program -

intensives (@12 hrs over two days)

A seasonal intensive seminar that celebrates Path Awareness(tm) through alignment with the gift of the seasons. The focus of these intensives is on your alignment with the natural course through the seasonal changes, realizing your potential by awareness and alignment.

reunions (@3 hrs) and Reunion Retreats (annual multi-day)

Reunion seminars are intended as refresher courses and opportunities for previous Path Awareness(tm) participants to gather, fellowship and renew.