While coaching for your personal, professional, and/or executive growth and development is our primary focus, for some, our path requires work on our past and present to unlock to potential for our future.

If you need to work on issues that may be preventing you from achieving your goals, we can provide more traditional counseling and therapy.

Dr. Philip B Terry-Smith has been a licensed professional counselor and clinical supervisor since 1992 and brings the same practical and pragmatic approach to his clinical work as he does to his coaching and mentoring. Healing past harms and traumas and equipping you for success and achieving your potential is the goal of his clinical work with you.

Helping you seek clarity, attain your goals, and live the life intended for you is our mission and focus. Work with us to design a program that will meet your needs.

We offer both in person and remote sessions (with video or teleconference technology)

Fees are negotiated on an 'ability to pay' sliding fee scale. we do not participate in any managed care or insurance plan, though your insurance may reimburse you for services rendered.

CONTACT us to start your coaching program or to arrange your counseling today.