About us

Our principle partner, Dr Philip B Terry-Smith, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD & DC), a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and experienced Harm Reduction, Alcoholism and Addictions specialist. He has studied mindfulness practices and is a master in visualization and meditation.

Dr. Terry-Smith is an ordained minister and elder and since 1983 has served as a non-denominational member of clergy, celebrating with and assisting countless individuals, couples, families and groups over the years in ceremony, ritual and rites of passage. His spiritual beliefs honor the practices and traditions of many faiths, with strong roots in the spirituality and practices of the indigenous people native to the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Clinically, he has been practicing counseling and therapy for nearly 26 years and has worked with many diverse populations, noted for using creative approaches and techniques to assists his clients in developing wholistic lifestyles. His practice has expanded to include personal, organizational and executive coaching.

He teaches and guides research of graduate students primarily focused on the management and clinical supervision of human services and emergency management as well as in counseling programs.

Previously he was the Executive Director and later, Sr. Director for Emergency and International Services for the American Red Cross in the National Capital Area. He served as an active member of the Red Cross Critical Response Teams both locally and nationally and served as a Mental Health Officer for the region. His most notable experiences with the American Red Cross included being Shelter Director for hurricane Katrina/Rita evacuees displaced to the District of Columbia, Event Director for the World War II Memorial Dedication, and Job Director for Presidential  and State Funerals. Other significant Red Cross experiences included: Coordinating shift lead for mental health services/first responder care, September 11th, 2001 incident at the Pentagon, and Assistant Mental Health Officer, supervising mental health services for first responders/rescue and clean-up workers at the World Trade Center "ground zero" Respite Centers. he also served on the Special Response Team at the Pentagon and is the only mental health officer to have served and supervised mental health care at both mass services honoring the victims of those tragic events in 2001.

His compassion, insight and connection with those he works with is noteworthy and is key to his success in the work he does. He brings all of these experiences to work with his clients and event participants.

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