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Since 1993, MDB has specialized in basketball training for individuals and teams who desire to improve their fundamental basketball skills.  For the past 17+ years our mission has been to help young athletes become better skilled, stronger and more confident basketball players.

For the past two years we have also been focusing on providing a variety of documents, education and training opportunities for youth coaches.  Without the incredible commitment that most coaches, both parent/volunteer and paid, make youth sports would not exist, however, many lack the necessary knowledge and understanding of what grade specific skills and concepts they should be teaching. And, more importantly, how to properly teach those skills and concepts.  Thus, we started Coaching Basketball Clinics (CBC).

        Better prepared, more well-informed coaches make better teachers, are better communicators and more positive with their players, and provide an environment that allows players to gain confidence and have fun playing the great sport of basketball.
        We hope you enjoy our web site and find the downloads and other information relevant and beneficial to your needs.


Coaching Basketball

Clinics (CBC)


  • Our program is designed to provide youth coaches the necessary tools to be an effective coach/teacher at the grade level they will be coaching.
  • The curriculum focuses on how to teach skills and team concepts that every player should be introduced to.
  • The coaches will have an opportunity to observe, actively participate on the court and ask questions during our interactive  clinics.
  • Our program will help all coaches and/or youth basketball associations develop a positive "Coaching Philosophy."
  • 1.5-2 hour clinics are available for both city and school teams as well as Travel and In-house associations. 
  • Each coach receives a Coach’s Handbook.


CBC is available to individual coaches as well as associations, leagues and schools.

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