How You Can Help

Many generous individuals in our area and across the state have invested their personal time to better understand refugee issues and their Montagnard Dega neighbors. MDA and other organizations like it are under increasing financial pressure to provide services with less and less funding and resources.

    2008 police maps of Greensboro
    City Council map and Dega neighborhoods

While we are seeking contributions, grants, and other income to insure MDA's survival, we believe the biggest help we can ask for is YOUR TIME.

Advocacy: Spread the word
• The Piedmont (from Charlotte to Raleigh, but especially around Greensboro) contains the largest concentration of Montagnard Dega (perhaps 10,000) in the world, second only to their Central Highland homeland in Vietnam.
• The Piedmont is home to many Southeast Asian immigrants such as Lao, Cambodian, Thai, Burmese (Myanmar), Vietnamese and Montagnard Dega. Many, like the Dega, come as legal refugees fleeing war or persecution.
• Montagnard Dega people are ethnically distinct from Vietnamese. They are often confused by Americans with the Hmong, another traditional people from Vietnam now living here.
• Many come from refugee camps across the Vietnamese border.
• While some Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees may have lived in large cities and dealt in commerce, most Dega were traditional, highly skilled subsistence farmers unused to urban life.
• For decades, individuals, churches and businesses in North Carolina have served as sponsors to help newly arrived refugees from all over the world. Ask and you'll probably discover a friend, neighbor, coworker or church member whose been involved with helping a refugee family.

• You can volunteer time to help in the class room or tutor one on one.
• You can assist in community relations, speaking engagements, or events planning.
• You can lend office assistance and or technology support.
• You can help us with grant research and writing support.
• You can lead an initiative to improve specific aspects of our services.
• You can consider becoming a Board Member.
• Monetary donations can be for general use or specified for particular activities. Call us.
• We will gladly accept specific kinds of equipment, office furnishings, computers, supplies, classroom books and materials, etc. Please call us.
• Donations are tax-deductible. Call us for details.
Our Dream List
We have many needs!
  1. a new immigration specialist position
  2. a new transport vehicle to replace our old van
  3. expansion of the English language training program
  4. seed money to develop strategies for funding program expansions.

A local business thanked the MDA English class for clearing the owners' vegetable garden. During the exercise, refugees practiced English, learned the names of farm and garden tools and gathered vegetables to bring home.

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