VICTIMS BLOGS about Secret non consentual human experimentation worldwide.
"Targeted Individuals" with Directed energy weapons, remote manipulation and mindcontrol technology. 
 THis site collects worldwide blogs from Victims of Non-consensual development -testing  of extremely sophisticated technology of an unimaginable kind,  having  the potential for privacy invasion on the most intimate levels, accessing not only  all electronic devices, but also  able to interface directly with the nervous systems of biological organisms, controlling movement and behaviour, and other vital functions with a  precision that suggests extreme efficient  computer steered and highly intelligent  technology of remote manipulation.  Privacy, security and dignity principles implicating nanotechnology are already embodied in international documents like the European Charter of Fundamental Rights , Nonetheless, most governing bodies seem to be at a stage where they are still researching the likely effects of nanotechnology on society. What remains is for these principles to be enforced.

The recently released book, Controlling the Human Mind: by Dr. Nick Begich , gives a telling report on electronic and frequency warfare. What it reveals is shocking enough, but what is most shocking is what it doesn't reveal. Dr. Begich's book is largely a compilation of excerpts and analyses of two-and- three-decades old military and government documents, patents and similarly aged research reports. This is the unclassified stuff. Much of the current state of government's mind control apparatus is classified and is likely to remain so until well after it has achieved antiquity." 


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